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Southern states are most commonly known for hospitality that is as warm as their summer temperatures, but they also have a reputation for hosting superior schools like those offering masters in human resources degree programs in South Carolina.

There are over 61 colleges and universities sprinkled throughout South Carolina that offer a variety of topographic landscapes that are pleasing settings for their colleges and universities. From beaches to foothills, this southern state has enough scenic beauty to lure even the most stoic northerner. South Carolina schools also differ in their type, size and offerings. For example, schools range from large public universities to small faith-based ones, and they offer many extracurricular activities that suit an assortment of interests.

South Carolina colleges and universities generally offer students degree programs in multiple disciplines and most comply with industry standards for curriculum development. For example, those pursuing HR related degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels can expect many universities to use the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) for curriculum development. The purpose of SHRM’s HR curriculum template is to establish and implement standards relating to HR education that ideally translate into successful high paying HR jobs for graduates. The SHRM’s curriculum template is a result of much research into what is required by HR professionals working in industry. The template also serves to elevate the status of the career field as a whole. The value of an HR degree aligned with the SHRM standards for curriculum development is that graduates benefit from the latest industry research.

Following is a description of  the only SHRM aligned Masters in Human Resources degree program that has been identified in the state of South Carolina.

North Greenville University

T. Walter Brashier Graduate School

North Greenville University’s Brashier graduate school located in Greer, South Carolina currently offers students five graduate degree program choices that include the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The school boasts a faith-based, flexible platform that allows students to graduate within 16 months, even while maintaining their employment obligations. Students are able to take these graduate degree programs online or meet in class rooms at the North Greenville University Fairview campus.

Master of Business Administration a Concentration In Human Resources Management

The North Greenville University MBA with a specialization in HR incorporates 12 core classes that are common to all their MBA programs. These classes focus on advanced concepts of finance, marketing, accounting, information systems and management. In addition to these courses, HR degree candidates take four specialization courses that are critical to the HR career field. These courses pertain to recruitment and retention, compensation and benefits, HR concepts in multinational firms and HR strategy within corporations.

North Greenville University is a SHRM member university, and its HR related courses reflect the research and insight gained from that organization. The first HR course contained in the specialized MBA program focuses on the heart of the HR professional’s duties which is recruitment and retention. The course teaches HR specialists how to identify important business needs according to the company strategy and attract the talent that will help the company meet and exceed its goals. The course encourages HR professionals to consider innovative ways to integrate human assets into a company’s organization in a way that maximizes the work performance of the entire team.

Many times a compensation package makes the difference between hiring excellent talent or seeing that candidate walk out the door towards a competitor. The North Greenville graduate course in compensation and benefits presents students with advanced HR concepts related to understanding the important elements of a competitive benefits package and ways that incentive packages effectively motivate optimal employee performance. The course culminates in MBA degree candidates crafting their own benefits and incentives packages.

One of the most popular areas of business study is the sphere of international business, and companies cannot operate effectively in a multinational environment without specially trained HR professionals. This course prepares HR specialists to recognize the unique challenges of hiring or contracting international employees that include specific labor laws and cross cultural issues.


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Earning a Master of Business Administration is a way to jump start one’s career, but participating in one that has a specialization positively differentiates graduates from their peers in the marketplace. This is the primary advantage of many masters in human resources degree programs in South Carolina.