5 Blogs About Training and Development

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Check Out These Websites About Training and Development

  • Let’s Save the World from Boring Training
  • eLearning Industry
  • Usable Learning
  • Learning in the Modern Workplace
  • Workplace Performance

People who work in human resources, management, sales and many other niches may benefit from reading a blog about training and development. When the tried-and-true methods of training are stale or no longer effective, a person may need to explore some new options. These sites could give a person some fresh ideas on how to change things or make improvements.

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1. Let’s Save the World from Boring Training

Written by Cathy Moore, “Let’s Save the World from Boring Training” features insights about how to make training sessions more useful for employees. She uses an action mapping strategy and focuses her posts on different tips and ideas for this approach. The articles follow up on a book that she wrote about the same topic. There are new posts a few times each week.

2. eLearning Industry

On his website, Christopher Pappas explores how eLearning affects employee training and skill development. He advocates for eLearning as an affordable and more practical alternative to traditional training sessions that required employees to travel. eLearning for employee development or training allows employees to engage in the process at their own pace. Workers can fit it in around gaps in their daily schedules. This process does not require any travel, so it would be more affordable to the employer.

3. Usable Learning

The Usable Learning website by Julie Dirksen focuses on how people learn and what employers can do in order to facilitate the learning process. Not all people learn in the same way. Dirksen offers strategies on how employers can train different types of learners. She also offers tips on how employers can facilitate employee development under challenging conditions, such as in a person who has a reading disability. This site’s focus is around productivity and efficiency in the learning process.

4. Learning in the Modern Workplace

According to Clarity Consultants, many employers are stuck in old methods of training and developing skills in their employees, and “Learning in the Modern Workplace” offers ways to move forward into more modern methods. On this website, author Jane Hart offers short posts about how eLearning could benefit both an employee and an employer. She covers different eLearning methods and tips for making the most of them. Her posts explain how eLearning crosses different industries and niches of the economy. The content of the site is updated a couple of times per week.

5. Workplace Performance

Another site about employee development and training to check out is Workplace Performance by Charles Jennings. He breaks down how eLearning works into a step-by-step process. He explains the importance of each step of eLearning. Some of the site’s posts include the modern learning development, software for training that is based in the cloud and how to accommodate different types of digital learning styles. When reading the website as a whole, a manager can get a clear picture of the learning and development process. It includes tips on setting up an eLearning program.

No matter where a person is at in their career, there is always something new to learn. Being able to train and develop new employees and help existing staff members hone their skills is a talent in and of itself. Reading these five blog sites about training and development could help a person continue to do the best possible job and help others do the same.

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