What are Some Popular Masters in Human Resources Concentrations?

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As the business world grows more competitive and global, businesses are concerned with wisely investing not only their monetary capital, but their human resources. Job applicants who possess knowledge targeted at their industry are more marketable than those with an unqualified human resources degree. In addition, human resource, like social sciences, is on the verge of being inundated with general practitioners. What masters programs can be paired with human resources to give students an edge in the job arena?

Master of Science –Organizational Leadership/ Concentration in Human Resources

This program trains people to develop and implement human resources programs in planning, recruiting, training, compensation and benefits, as well as other aspects of human resources in business. According to Chron, these people will learn how to motivate an organization’s members and teams. Understanding the dynamics of leadership and groups within an organization helps human resource professionals deal with workplace issues. Core courses include psychology and sociology as well as global business and economics. The human resource track classes are in recruiting, selection and labor relations as well as other classes that deal with managing the human capital of an organization. People who attain this degree and specialization can become OSHA compliance officers, industrial relations specialists, work/life managers and more.

Master of Professional Studies with a Human Resources Concentration

Students in this degree program study social sciences as they apply to developing a balance between theory and implementation. They learn about the societal implications of business decisions about management and policy. This means they make executive decisions, or help in making those decisions, about business practice not only as it applies to employees, but to consumers as well. The core classes develop an understanding of how social science methodology and theory relates to human resource management. The HR concentration is covered in MBA classes and other business-related curriculum.

Master of Business Administration/ Human Resources Dual Degree

This program acknowledges that business decisions are based on broader issues in a complex society. The degree will equip students to function as human resource specialists while still being effective in the general business aspect of a corporation. Graduates from the dual program will be able to make executive decisions in the human resources realm of a corporation, understanding the business context under which their decisions are made. Career paths with this major include global economy, positions such as CFO of corporations and human resource directors for international businesses such as Marriott.

Health Care Management/Human Resources Management

This is another dual degree that consists of a bachelor level degree in health with an option for an MBA. These professionals work in hospitals and health related industries to manage employee recruitment and retention, workplace diversity, labor relations and healthcare economics. Armed with a basic knowledge of health care consumers and practitioners, they will be able to make informed decisions about the value and quality of care, as well as assess financial implications of those decisions.

Master’s degrees in fields related to human services or dual majors in these areas, are a way to make your skills more marketable in the broader business economy. In addition, knowledge of the context in which human resources decisions are made will help current practitioners more effective.

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