5 Most Popular Types of Freelancers

Freelance workers, also known as freelancers, are defined as workers who work for various causes without any attached, long-term commitments to continue to do so. First coined in 1924, this term survives as common subject matter for the present generations of workers today. As it turns out, there are also five, distinct types of freelancers out there. Concentrating on just that component to the world of freelancing, this piece attempts to layout the basics of these five popular and principle types. They are as follows.

Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are much a household name in the world of freelance workers today. This group represents those who work, from one job to the next, based on individual contracts between themselves and their serviced clientele. Many think of handymen, landscapers, and even artists when the topic of independent contractors comes up. While these are certainly correct portrayals of this group of freelancers, there are truly thousand of other professions that also fall under its categorical umbrella.

Temporary Workers

Temporary workers are essentially those hired on by companies as temporary, or non-permanent workers. Technically, one may not be considered a freelancer by simply performing this vocational calling just once. However, there are many workers out there heeding this calling from one role to the next in perfect, entrepreneurial and sequential fashion. These are the true freelance, temporary workers. One can find these workers anywhere, from retail and construction jobs, to transportation, security, production positions, and elsewhere.

Diversified Workers

As the name of this popular freelance group implies, diversified workers utilize any variety of mixed means by which to make their desired income. Someone operating at this capacity may do some moonlighting by night and some independent contract work during the day. They may also do temporary worker gigs combined with any number of other money-making endeavors. Diversified paths to making an income is truly the name of the game here.

Freelance Business Owners

The freelance business owner is a sort of self-professed master of the freelance universe. It is this individual who takes freelancing a step further by making it into an actual business of its own. Such freelance companies are generally small in size and employ a number of various types of freelancers to do the arranged company work. There have been a number of similar kinds of companies, however, that grew into a much larger organization subsequent to great business success.


Finally, today’s moonlighter represents what is arguably the most common slice of the freelancer market. This is the individual who works a traditional day job but goes on to do freelance work in the off hours of that primary job. Those working this sort of double-shift are often at odds with a rigorous schedule. In the end, however, they are also multiplying their daily income many times over and are thus more financially acclimated to face the potential costs of their particular living styles.

All said and done, the vast world of freelance work today represents a major slice of the entirety of the working world. These five types of freelancers represent the most commonly found of this breed today. For those interested in learning even more about the vast world of freelance workers and work, the Freelancers Union is an excellent resource with which to inquire further.