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A Master’s of Business Administration/Master’s of Science in Human Resources (MBA/MSHR) degree offers students a versatile educational basis necessary to advance as professionals within many HR MBA jobs. A MBA/MSHR degree provides students with the expertise to lead businesses utilizing organizational and managerial skills to improve labor/employee relations, acquire and retain employee talent, enhance productivity and efficiency, and offer organizational development. Competition for the best HR MBA jobs is significant due to worldwide economic factors and the volume of qualified applicants in relation to the number of available jobs. Many of the world’s leading businesses seek MBA/MSHR graduates to improve the function, efficiency, and productivity of their organizations, launch new services and products, expand customer and employee base, and devise strategies necessary for businesses to thrive despite economic conditions.

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HR MBA JobsHow to Prepare and Search For the Top HR MBA Jobs

As MBA/MSHR graduates embark on their journey from graduation to employment, they must carefully assess their personal goals and abilities while researching potential prospects for HR MBA jobs. Graduates who can identify their personal strengths, as well as recognize their weaknesses, may market and utilize their skills while advancing their careers to exceptional and lucrative levels, leading to competitive HR MBA salaries. Graduates who understand the operations of the most prestigious companies worldwide gain valuable industry knowledge and learn precisely which positions will strengthen weaknesses and expand their personal potential. Graduates who align their careers with their personal skills, potential, and ambitions gain a greater sense of accomplishment and attain a great deal of work satisfaction necessary for long term, lucrative career success. One of the best ways for graduates to recognize their personal strengths and realize their professional goals is to network with mentors, former employees, and current employees of prospective employment organizations. Speaking with other professionals and academic community members assists graduates in thoroughly assessing every aspect of potential HR MBA jobs and helps graduates explore the inner workings of the industry necessary to choose the best career path.

Finding the top HR MBA jobs requires graduates to carefully research and consult multiple resources. One of the most valuable resources for any graduate is based upon polls and surveys which list the preferences and experiences of international MBA candidates. Since 2006, CNN Money has published an annual list of the top businesses and firms most MBA graduates would like work for.

The Top 10 Places for HR MBA Jobs

1. Google

The very best workplace, as determined by the responses of many MBA graduates is Google. The world’s biggest and innovative technology company which employs over 12,000 employees is one of the best workplaces ever. With headquarters based in Mountain View, California, and over 40 offices in 20 countries, Google employees report nearly complete work satisfaction and receive unique incentives which include: prestige, a passionate work environment, interaction with an “absolutely brilliant staff,” free lunch, beer party Fridays, a raised environmental consciousness, and multiple employee benefits. Over 20.58% of MBA students list Google as their top most desirable work place because of the many incentives, benefits, bonuses, and advancement opportunities it offers. Most MBA graduates begin employment with salaries starting at $98,125 annually and are often required to travel throughout Google’s current locations and to newly developed international locations. Google is a popular choice for MBA/MSHR graduates looking for HR MBA jobs.

2. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is one of the world’s top global management consulting firms well known for its exceptional employees, dynamic work environment, and focus on growth and global impact. Based in New York City, McKinsey employs over 6,500 consultants at its 80 office locations within 40 countries. As the most prestigious advising firms in the world, over 16.31% of MBA graduates list McKinsey as their top 5 desirable workplaces. McKinsey offers its clients and employees a standard of excellence unmatched by many similar organizations based upon a uniquely caring, respectful, trusting, and interdependent environment. As one of the top providers of  HR MBA jobs for graduates since 1996, McKensy offers high salaries beginning at $101,404 annually and multiple travel opportunities throughout its international locations.

3. Apple

Apple, founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976, is a multinational corporation which designs and markets consumer electronics, personal computers, software, and hardware products like Macintosh computers, iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Located in Cupertino, California, Apple has locations throughout the U.S. within California and Texas, as well as international cities in Ireland, Singapore, China, and other places world wide. Apple offers over 17,787 employees the ability to work as members of the technological pioneer team launching new products, enhancing skills, and expanding knowledge. Apple is listed by 10.78% of MBA students as one of the top 5 most desirable places to find HR MBA jobs because, as members of one of the most powerful technological teams in the world, Apple contributes to changing the world with its inventions, one product at a time. MBA graduates generally earn $ 97,318 annually and work closely within an excellent team often traveling nationally and internationally dependent upon work requirements.

4. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is the most well known financial center in the world. As a New York city based global investment banking, securities, and investment management firm, Goldman Sachs employs over 26,000 individuals within its international offices located in New York, London, Hong Kong, and other major cities. Goldman Sachs offers its employees ample opportunities to learn dynamic skills within a driven, intelligent team dedicated to expanding personal and professional growth. Goldman Sachs is listed by 13.95% of MBA students as one of the top 5 most desirable places to find HR MBA jobs and frequently offers MBA graduates who complete summer internships conversions into full time employment upon gaining their degree. Most MBA graduates earn $98,887 annually and are offered abundant opportunities to increase their earnings potential through performance based incentives. Relocation and travel are frequently required of employees who wish to maintain or advance their HR MBA jobs within the organization.

5. Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is one of the world’s best leaders in business strategy and management consulting. Boston Consulting offers a standard of excellence for being “agents of change” offering high value opportunities with secure and lasting results for clients, employees, and society. As a global management consulting firm, Boston Consulting Group offers over 3,300 employees from 63 offices in 37 countries the ability to work with clients from private, public, and non profit sectors. Boston Consulting Group is well known as being “agents of change” who offer high value opportunities, for clients, employees, and society with secure and lasting results. Over 10.89% of MBA students list Boston Consulting among their 5 top most desirable workplaces. Employees at Boston Consulting find their work challenging, yet satisfying and rewarding due to an exciting work environment providing lifelong learning experiences. Boston Consulting combines employee expertise with sound practices based in innovation, growth, operations, and excellent business practices. MBA graduates often earn $100,986 as they travel along their career path and to many of Boston Consulting Groups offices. MBA/MSHR graduates looking for HR MBA jobs should definitely check out Boston Consulting Group.

6. Bain & Company

Bain & Company, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the largest business consulting firms worldwide and is a good choice for MBA/MSHR graduates looking for HR MBA jobs. Bain has over 3,700 employees within 34 locations throughout 22 countries and is rated by 10.99% of MBA students as being in their top 5 most desirable workplaces. Bain has a forty year history of assisting global leaders and various other companies in making informed decisions to offer sustainable success. Bain offers MBA students the ability to work with the most critical issues businesses face by handling strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, mergers, and acquisitions within all industries and geographic locations. Bain’s employees rate their job satisfaction highly as they manage responsibilities, foster teamwork, and develop trust within a company delivering it’s common ambition: to make a difference for clients and employees. Most MBA graduates earn $101,404 annually working as management consultants traveling to meet clients and working within a close knit team of professionals.

7. Facebook

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking service and web site, was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Huges during February 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Originally available only to Harvard students as means of communicating and getting acquainted, Facebook has steadily grown to have over 800 million users with 138.9 million monthly unique visitors. With headquarters initially located in Palo Alto, California and soon to be moved to Menlo Park, Facebook employs a staff of over 3,000 people. Facebook employees report a tremendous amount of job satisfaction, with most “very satisfied” with the incredibly brilliant staff and strong leadership. As one of the most innovative companies in the world, Facebook offers generous benefits like health insurance, 401K programs, “baby cash,” and great food. Facebook also provides employees with generous compensation and a rewarding, dynamic and fulfilling work environment throughout its international offices located across the globe. Facebook is listed as the top 5 most desirable places to work by 9.86% of MBA graduates. MBA graduates generally earn starting salaries of $99,042 annually working within the fastest growing work environments today. MBA/MSHR graduates looking for HR MBA jobs should definitely check out Facebook.

8. Amazon.Com

Amazon.Com is one of the largest electronic commerce organizations with headquarters based in Seattle, Washington. Founded by Jeff Bezos during 1994, Amazon began as an online bookstore and quickly grew to offer CDs, DVDs, downloadable MP3 files, video games, electronics, computer software, toys, food, furniture, and clothing. Amazon’s rapidly growing customer base led the organization to establish separate websites within most major countries including: the U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, China, and Japan. With over 37,900 employees within it’s offices throughout North America, Asia, Latin America, and Europe, Amazon is listed by over 9.63% of MBA graduates list Amazon as one of the top 5 most desirable places to gain employment. Amazon offers employees a number of great medical, dental, and retirement benefits as well as relocation assistance and generous amounts of paid time off as part of their HR MBA jobs. Employees find the work they do rewarding and satisfying, as means of being part of an organization “larger than the self.” Most MBA graduates begin employment with starting salaries ranging from $88,649 to $103,069 annually.

9. JP Morgan Chase & Company

JP Morgan Chase & Company is an American based multinational banking corporation founded by American financier J.P Morgan. As the largest U.S. bank in terms of assets, hedge funds, and market capitalization, JP Morgan offers world renown financial services to its clients. JP Morgan is headquartered in New York City, New York, and has over 224,900 employees throughout locations in over 60 countries worldwide. JP Morgan offers securities, asset management, private wealth management, treasury and security services, and investments to diverse clients and offers numerous opportunities to its employees. JP Morgan offers employees the ability to thrive and learn while working within fast paced, dynamic settings and is one of the top most desirable places for MBA students to work with over 5.11% listing it within its top five choices for potential employment, such as HR MBA jobs. Employees find rewarding work and receive great benefits like health insurance, performance based incentives and bonuses, great retirement options, access to fitness centers, and discounts at local stores. JP Morgan also provides employees with tremendous leadership through a team of exceptional management and leads the banking industry in technology and security. MBA graduates employed at JP Morgan generally have starting salaries based at $95,321. Many employees have the opportunity to travel or relocate at their personal discretion necessary to cater to international clients or advance position.

10. Nike

Nike, Inc., has been the forerunner of athletic shoes, apparel, and sports equipment since founding in January 1964. Originally named Blue Ribbon Sports, Bill Bowerman and Phillip Knight quickly established the brand and became the world’s top supplier of athletic products and services. Nike’s staff consists of a group who want to achieve and increase imagination while embracing diversity and working within a challenging, innovative, and constantly evolving industry. With a staff of over 35,000 people, Nike has over 200 offices and 400 retail outlets located within 160 international counties. Nike employees receive great benefits and opportunities which include: health care, family care, an informal dress code, employee assistance programs, matching gift programs for charitable donations, insurance discounts, and discounts on all Nike products. Over 7.21% of MBA students list Nike among their top 5 most desirable places to work and employees rate their level of job satisfaction highly. Most MBA graduates earn salaries starting at $91,473 annually and travel frequently for development seminars or to meet with clients to Nike’s national and international locations. MBA/MSHR graduates should consider Nike when looking for HR MBA jobs.

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