5 Skills You Must Have on your Human Resources Resume

When looking for a job in human resources, it is imperative to build your resume for success. These jobs are often highly competitive, which means it is up to you to create a resume that gets you the edge over the other applicants. If you want to land a job in human resources, here are five essential skills to include on your resume.

1. Public Speaking

If you want to get a job, you should be able to prove that you are a good public speaker. While not every human resources employee will be making speeches to the whole company, every worker will be expected to have clear communication skills. After all, a human resources employee often has to convey information between employees and management. This often must be done clearly and with sensitivity, which means that it is imperative to have sound speaking skills. If you intend on moving up in the department, you may be required to give actual speeches someday regarding company policy. Therefore, it is a versatile skill to include.

2. Listening

It is not just about talking. In human resources, you will also be expected to listen. In most cases, human resources serves as an intermediary between the company and its employees. While you must be able to speak clearly to both sides, you also have to be able to listen. You have to hear what you are being told, and you have to know how to respond effectively in the moment. Good comprehension skills are also important so you can read between the lines of what you are being told. Moreover, if you can listen with an empathetic ear, you will be thoroughly poised to succeed.

3. Discretion

Companies want discretion from all employees, but human resources often handles confidential personnel matters. You have to be able to handle difficult issues with the utmost discretion. This includes discipline, complaints, insurance issues and even firings. These are the issues that can make or break a work environment, and it is your job in human resources to manage them with care. Companies want to hire employees who understand their legal and ethical obligations to the company and its employees, which is why discretion is a great skill to add to your resume.

4. Negotiation

Since you will be an intermediary in human resources, you should make sure to highlight your negotiation and conflict resolution abilities on your resume. It is naive to think that companies and their employees will always be on the same page, which is often why a human resources representative must come in. You need to be able to help each side reach a fair and reasonable agreement with as few hurt feelings as possible. This is a tall order in the modern workplace so any applicant with these skills is sure to get ahead.

5. Flexibility

Modern business is all about change. Human resources is at the heart of managing change within a company. As a human resources employee, you will have to deal with new hires, firing people and organizational shifts. Not only do you need to handle all of that for yourself, but you have to help the rest of the company deal with it as well. That is why being open to change is such a great asset on your resume. Businesses want to invest in employees who can evolve with the changing needs of the company over time.

These skills may not guarantee you the job, but they can help distinguish your human resources resume from the rest.

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