5 Scholarships for Human Resources

Whether you need help paying for your undergrad human resources program or a grad school program, you can get help for school with scholarships for human resources majors. Human resources professionals must have a good understanding of what employees want and knowledge of labor laws too. You’ll develop the knowledge and skills you need in a business, MBA or dedicated HR program. With one or more scholarships, you can start your career without owing as much in student loans.

Business and Professional Women’s Foundation

Not everyone goes right to college after high school, and not all students go right to grad school after finishing college. The Business and Professional Women’s Foundation launched a scholarship program that award female students who took some time off from their studies. You must be at least 25 years old before you can apply, and you must have at least two years of college already completed. The foundation looks for those who overcame problems to go to school and awards winners $5,000 in scholarship funds.

Human Resource Leadership Awards

Some scholarships for human resources come with more than just money. The Human Resource Leadership Awards are just one example of an award program that functions like a scholarship. Students applying for one of these scholarships must already be in college or grad school and attend a college in a specific region. Multiple students receive a $3,000 scholarship, but those winners also have the chance to attend a banquet in their honor and receive their checks at the banquet.

International Public Management Association for Human Resources

The International Public Management Association for Human Resources, also called the IPMA-HR, offers a $1,000 scholarship that students can use to complete their degree programs. This is one of the top scholarships for human resources, but it is only open to the children and dependents of members who belong to the organization. All winners must attend an accredited university, but the organization allows students to apply for a scholarship each year as long as they meet certain academic requirements.

Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in HR

The Society for Human Resource Management, also known as SHRM, is the leading professional organization for human resource management specialists. Though SHRM offers several scholarships every year, one of its largest is the Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in HR. according to the SHRM website, one winner will receive a fellowship that is worth up to $10,000 and several others will receive smaller scholarships. Winners must be in their first year of graduate school, but they can renew the fellowship and receive a $10,000 prize during their second year of grad school.

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Gillete/National Urban League

One of the best scholarships for human resources is the scholarship available through Gilette and the National Urban League. Those applying for one of these scholarships must show that they are currently enrolled in or will enroll in a program in finance, business administration, marketing or human resources and that they attend or will attend an accredited college or university. Winners must also show that they rank within the top 25% of their classes. The scholarship also comes with a summer internship working for a major company that can give students weeks or months of professional experience.

Any scholarship money that you receive is like free money for college. You can use the money to pay for expenses like transportation costs or a new computer, for your tuition or even to cover some of your personal expenses. The top scholarships for human resources majors are available for undergrads and graduate students studying the HR field.

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