5 Reasons to Implement Pre-Employment Testing

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5 Reasons Why Companies Should Implement Aptitude Testing

  • They Give An Unbiased Picture Of An Applicant’s Skills
  • They Assess Fit
  • They Are Flexible To Meet Different Needs
  • They Provide Legal Protection
  • They Help Hiring Managers Make The Final Decision

Anyone pursuing a human resources degree has probably heard of pre-employment testing. It is one tool among many that can help managers and HR professionals make hiring decisions, and it is worth implementing in most businesses. Here are five key reasons why a company may want to implement testing as part of the hiring process.

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1. They Give An Unbiased Picture Of An Applicant’s Skills

This is one of the biggest reasons why companies choose to use applicant aptitude testing during the hiring process. A candidate can say they are skilled in something on their resume, but an employer cannot know that for certain until they see it firsthand. It is also unfortunately too easy to discriminate against certain candidates, which makes it harder for them to get the job even if they are better suited to it. Pre-employment testing removes those biases and forces all hiring managers to objectively look at each candidate’s skill level. It is important, however, to make certain the testing that is used truly and effectively measures the criteria they are supposed to.

2. They Assess Fit

A candidate’s fit for the role is a factor in hiring decisions that is, in many ways, more important than previous experience or skill. Aptitude tests can tell employers a lot about a candidate’s mindset, beliefs, and ethics that can signal whether they are a good fit for the role and company culture or not. By choosing employees who fit the position and the culture well, companies are more likely to end up with loyal, passionate employees who are highly motived and productive.

3. They Are Flexible To Meet Different Needs

There are myriad aptitude tests companies can utilize, as well as designing their own. For example, some tests are designed to test writing ability while others are simply meant to gain a psychological profile of the candidate as well as judge their work ethics. These tests are flexible. They can and should be tailored to fit the needs of each individual company that uses them. Do this, and a business will get the most out of them.

4. They Provide Legal Protection

Aptitude tests taken during the hiring process can help protect a company legally if a disgruntled candidate pursues legal action for being unfairly denied the position due to discrimination. Professionals with a human resources degree often are required to have a rudimentary understanding of employment law, which can aid in avoiding this situation. According to Forbes, on the other hand, it is important for a company to ensure that their pre-employment tests do not violate the Equal Employment Opportunity Act as well.

5. They Help Hiring Managers Make The Final Decision

At the end of the process, the HR department and hiring manager need to make a decision. This is never easy to do, especially because it is easy to make mistakes. Aptitude testing helps make that decision easier by giving a more complete profile of each candidate. This allows hiring managers to be more certain of their decision and can prevent high and costly turnover rates, which every company wants to avoid.

Aptitude tests during the application process have a number of benefits for companies, which is why businesses should seriously consider implementing them. Anyone with a human resources degree should understand the value of pre-employment testing and be prepared to implement it in any company at which they work.

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