5 Popular Talent Management Systems

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Talent management systems are one of the key resources of today’s effective human resource team. Within these systems lies the ability to better manage prospective employees as well as new hires. We take a look at five of the most popular talent management systems.

ClearCompany HRM

ClearCompany HRM is a very popular talent management system right now. Brought to us by the Boston-based ClearCompany, ClearCompany HRM is noted for its clean and effective design. Within the easy-to-use environment, multiple tools enable the user to track all phases of the candidate process. From resumes, applications, interviews, and more, ClearCompany HRM perfectly organizes and simplifies what would otherwise be a mountain of disorganized candidacy information. Post-hire tracking tools are also made available within the software.

Halogen TalentSpace

Halogen Software’s Halogen TalentSpace is also quite popular for many good reasons. It is more of an all-in-one HR tool rather than merely an instrument for hiring. For hiring needs however, it is a complete management tool with all the necessities of candidate tracking and analysis built into one. For current workforce management, it is a highly intuitive management option. With the ability to track strengths and weaknesses in the overall workforce, manage salary and employee information, and more, users’ needs are well met by Halogen TalentSpace.


As discussed by the writers of the respected Harvard Business Review at https://hbr.org/2009/05/the-definitive-guide-to-recruiting-in-good-times-and-bad , the world of hiring can be laden with pitfalls. An all-inclusive solution to this world of hurdles is Recruitee. Recruitee is one of the more widely used talent management systems that is solely focused on the hiring process. With this program, users are truly able to manage and analyze even the most finite points of the hiring process and the candidates it involves. As an extra benefit, the program offers an 18-day free trial as well as superior support and customer service for its users.

Pilat HR

Another of 2016’s most popular talent management systems comes to us from Pilat HR Solutions. Pilat HR is the company’s very well-done contribution to the market. Users of Pilat HR report great ease-of-use as well as a very thorough platform of tools and analysis options. Among many others, the ability to customize workforce needs and subsequently deploy intuitive and effective countermeasures is one of its most beloved perks. It is also important to note that this is a cloud-based option in talent management which also tends to make it a preference to many.


Brought to us by the talented design team at Recruiterbox, their self-titled software in talent management is also a real crowd favorite for 2016. Users are not only able to track every step of the process, but also allow multiple HR representatives to contribute to the process. A unique rating system is also used in order to better assess all in the candidacy pool. In addition, it has also won its place in the market because of its fast implementation times and its offerings in log-in free, multi-person contribution systems.

HR teams play a critical role in the futures of thousands of companies every day. Today’s management systems play a big part in this crucial process of selecting and keeping the right workforce. In conclusion, it is fair to say that these five talent management systems have garnered the lead in popularity, and the reasons for this are clear.

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