How is Human Resources involved in Workforce Diversity?

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Fostering a diverse workplace is becoming an ever more important objective for businesses across the spectrum. Enhancing workplace diversity necessitates the global involvement of all elements of an enterprise. This includes components of a business like management and human resources. The personnel department of a business is involved in fostering a diverse workplace in a number of different ways.

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Establishing Appropriate Workplace Policies

At the heart of a reliable diverse workplace is a set of policies that foster equality and fairness among employees of a business. There are governmental, academic, and other resources available to a business to assist in drafting and implementing suitable workplace policies. In addition to implementing appropriate policies designed to enhance and foster a diverse workplace, these policies need to be reviewed and updates as necessary on a regular basis.

Many enterprises that are at the top of their efforts regarding maintaining a diverse workplace undertake such a review on an annual basis. In addition, they oftentimes involve different members of the workforce in the process and not just management and human resources.

How is Human Resources involved in Workforce Diversity

Reviewing and Updating Company Personnel Materials and Documentation

As part of establishing and maintaining appropriate company policies, a business also needs to examine and update as necessary existing personnel materials and documentation. Oftentimes, despite a commitment to have a diverse, welcoming workplace, a business is using personnel materials and other documents that have been around for a significant period of time. Historically, these documents tended to be less gender, race, or otherwise friendly. There is no malintent in the use of these materials; rather, they just haven’t been updated at appropriate intervals.

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Fair and Respected Grievance Process

Even in a well-run business, even at a company in which worker diversity is celebrated, problems and issues can arise. One of the more important tasks of a business personnel department is to establish a fair, lawful, and respected grievance process. Effectively fostering a diverse workplace is possible only when employees believe they have reliable, fair recourse if they feel they’re being unfairly treated in some manner because of their gender, ethnicity, or some other reason.

A personnel department must law out a fair and reliable grievance process in the first instance. Moreover, the department must be vigilant to ensure that an appropriate and internally respected grievance process remains in place always.

Personnel Department Open Door Policy

Finally, when it comes to the involvement of a personnel department or team in fostering a diverse work environment, a useful practice and strategy is to utilize an open door policy. Employees should be able to access members of a business’ personnel team with ease and without reservation. This includes not only on those occasions when their is a problem or issue, but also when an employee has suggestions or a desire to otherwise convey thoughts and information to the personnel team.

In the final analysis, business diversity consistently is fostered when the human resources team makes this issue a top priority. Creating and maintaining a diverse workplace requires more than just meeting certain hiring quotas, according to Forbes magazine. Not only is this accomplished through the active involvements summarized previously. Ongoing education is important. Moreover, consistently hiring people supportive of workplace diversification in the personnel department and elsewhere is also vital.