SHRM Aligned Bachelor’s in Human Resources Programs in New Hampshire

Many are looking to earn their Bachelor’s in Human Resources degree programs in New Hampshire. In a state where the motto is “live free or die”, it is easy to see why many people are heading to Southern New Hampshire University to earn a Bachelor’s degree of science in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources Management. The state has always been about progress. Being an industrial leader due to abundant water power and manufacturing has already created the synergy needed for the state to help people put themselves in a position to become an accomplished professional. This state is producing the business leaders which will lead the country into its financial future.

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Southern New Hampshire University

A school committed to the success of its students, Southern New Hampshire desires for each student to receive an affordable education with provided support that is of the highest quality. From the moment of application, each student witnesses the support of the dedicated admissions counselors as well as the expert faculty who are there to provide any help or guidance when needed. The Affordable Colleges Foundation recently ranked SNHU as one of the top most affordable programs in the U.S. This distinction illustrates how this school focuses on the needs of the student. It is one of the fastest growing nonprofit universities in the country.

A private institution, founded in 1932, Southern New Hampshire University has a roster of 18,103 students in their undergraduate program. The school is in a suburban setting, having 338 acres of land for the campus. The school operates on a semester-based calendar annually. The average cost of tuition (as of the 2014-2015 catalogue) is $29,924.

Southern New Hampshire University offers flexible opportunities for learning to the students. Students may opt to attend classes on campus or opt for online learning opportunities. There are traditional day courses to choose from as well as evening and weekend classes for those whose circumstances may dictate the need for an alternate schedule. This school offers accelerated degree programs where students are able to earn select degrees in shorter time spans. There are also apprenticeships and internships, which allow for more specialized learning opportunities.

Accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Southern New Hampshire University holds the bar high for institutions for formal education. Through the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE), all programs offered by SNHU hold lofty regional accreditation status. The CIHE is the agency when assigns accreditation for college and universities in six New England states, one of which being New Hampshire. This agency is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a reliable source of information on the accreditation status of educational institutions. Therefore, their accreditation is one that can stand up against any other and hold its own.

SNHU offers a selection of over sixty student organizations, as well as school-sponsored events held each year, such as comedy and music shows and field trips to offsite locations. One group, the Southern New Hampshire University Penmen, named after colonials of the Revolutionary War, compete in the NCAA Division II Northeast-10 Conference. There are campuses located in Manchester, Nashua, Salem, and Portsmouth in New Hampshire and in Brunswick, MN.

One ethical principle held in high regard at Southern New Hampshire University is that there are no limits that should be placed on the student. This attitude empowers the student to move forward in achieving their goals. In this regard, President Obama spoke regarding the school during his national address on higher education in the fall. He referred to the school’s College for America Program, calling it the first program in the country to be recognized for its competency-based learning model.

Surprisingly to some, SNHU was the first school to ever introduce the idea of earning a degree in three years without any summer or night classes required. Now, more schools follow this same format. This shows how SNHU has always been on the cutting edge of education. In like fashion, today, all of the academic programs are designed with the student entering the real world in mind. By creating hands on learning techniques which allow the students, not only to learn from reading information, but learning on an energetic level in the manner in which they can be receive it. This will help put them in a position to be the professional in the way that they need to be enhancing the tools already at their disposal.

Human Resources Degree Program

Those with a financial career in mind can give themselves a competitive edge by earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. In this program, the student will learn about leadership, motivation, and getting full use of an organization’s primary asset: human capital. The information learned is material that will be applied in real-world events. After completing this program, students are able to gain entry- and mid-level positions in a variety of for-profit and nonprofit organizations, industries, and businesses. By applying business management skills learned to human resource skills, the student will be able to become a helpful resource in the success of any organization. They were acknowledged by the Society for Human Resources Manages as the world’s largest HR membership organizations thereby solidifying their claim as a leader in the field, more than qualified to train others to perform in a professional capacity.

Contact Info

Southern New Hampshire University
2500 N River Rd, Hooksett, NH 03106
(603) 626-9100

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For those looking to further their career or begin a new career, putting them in a position to obtain a quality education is important. Southern New Hampshire University affords many the opportunity to do so without the added burden of worrying about finances. Instead of worrying, they can get on to the task of “living free” while at the same time earning their Bachelor’s in Human Resources degree programs in New Hampshire.

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