5 Ways Human Resources Departments are Using Cloud Technology

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Top Five Uses of Cloud Technology for Human Resources Professionals

  • Professional Development
  • Employee Performance
  • Administration
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Recruiting

Boosting employee productivity is a vital task for any business, and the use of cloud technology for human resources professionals is becoming more important than ever. Cloud software enables HR professionals to outsource key elements of their work to secure servers that can quickly process data and improve productivity within their organization. From onboarding new employees to engaging in professional development practices, the uses of cloud technology in the human resources field are valuable and diverse. The top five reasons HR departments are using cloud technology can give you some ideas on how to make your company more productive.

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1. Professional Development

Professional development is one of the key responsibilities of the HR department. Giving employees the resources they need to develop into valuable players is the goal of every HR department. It’s also the reason many companies are using cloud technology for employee training, growth and development. With cloud-based tools that track productivity, reward excellence and teach new employees how to improve their performance, the job of an HR professional is made much easier. Employers want to ensure that their workers have the tools and motivation required to handle projects smoothly. HR cloud applications are making that goal a reality.

2. Employee Performance

Businesses need reliable metrics about employee performance so that they can compensate their employees appropriately. Cloud-based HR information systems software is the top choice for companies looking to optimize their payroll based on employee performance. According to PCMag, cloud applications such as Gusto, BambooHR and Zenefits enable employers to fine-tune their employee compensation packages based on month-to-month performance metrics. Keeping track of employee work performance in the cloud ensures that this information is always current, backed up and easy to access. Employees can stay motivated to improve their performance by logging into the cloud application and tracking their personal profiles online.

3. Administration

Administrative duties are a constant necessity for HR professionals, and cloud-based tools make these tasks much simpler and more reliable. Day-to-day tasks such as payroll management, event planning and employee tracking can be easily handled online using HRIS software. Whether you need to add new employees to the payroll or delete employee records from a database, you can be sure that your data will be safe and secure on an encrypted cloud server. With trusted cloud-based HR software, an accurate record of employee promotions, raises and terminations will be protected by public-key encryption and available only to administrators.

4. Employee Onboarding

Getting new employees acclimated to their position within the organization can be very time consuming without HRIS software. With cloud-based employee onboarding tools, HR professionals can rest assured that new employees will become oriented within the company relatively quickly. As new employees become accustomed to their roles more rapidly, workplace efficiency will begin to improve and productivity will increase.

5. Recruiting

When it comes to acquiring new employees, HR professionals have many useful tools at their disposal. Cloud-based software enables HR teams to plan, craft and promote recruiting efforts that maximize their talent pool and make it easy to choose candidates that match specific search criteria. Recruiting new employees is a simple and straightforward process with HRIS technology that is designed specifically for the task.

HR professionals are some of the most valuable employees in an organization, and the job of an HR department can be made much more productive with the right technology. The best cloud technology for human resources professionals helps keep employee payroll, performance and personal records organized, encrypted and easily accessible.