What is an Accelerated MBA?

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An accelerated MBA program has a unique structure that makes it possible for students to complete business school faster. If you are currently working or you need a business degree to land that dream job, time could be of the essence. The key is to find the right program that you can keep up with and that can teach you what you need to know for the global business world. As you compare all of the traditional and specialty MBA programs, do not overlook the benefits of taking an accelerated program.

How Long Does it Take to Earn an MBA Degree?

Students who are enrolled in a traditional MBA program can earn their degree in an average of 2 years. If you took a part-time program in the classroom, you might spend 3 to 4 years in business school. Accelerated programs have a much different format and structure. Instead of covering one topic for the standard amount of time, you will cover topics at a rigorous pace so that you can graduate within 10 to 15 months. If you are in a rush to earn your degree, the fast-paced MBA degree program may be ideal.

How is an Accelerated Program Structured?

If it was possible to cover all of the core business curriculum in as little as 10 months, why do traditional programs take 24 months to complete? The main difference between each program is not what you study but how the modules are structured.

The accelerated MBA program typically follows a cohort-style format, where students all move through the program as a group. Each subject is presented over a shorter period of time than a traditional subject. In addition to the shortened time of study, most MBA students in a fast-paced program will take classes through the summer or the winter break.

Why is the Accelerated Program Becoming So Popular?

A Master of Business Administration is a popular graduate degree for professionals in today’s global business environment. While it is a popular degree, for many business professionals, giving up two years is too big of an opportunity cost. Business specialists want to earn their MBA, but they want to earn it faster so that they can land a promotion or compete for a new job. Accelerated programs make this possible.

Another reason the fast-paced structure is becoming a preferred one is because many international programs only last for 12 months. U.S. business schools have decided to offer American students domestic options to compete with their international programs that typically cost less and take less time to compete.

Is It Worth it to Earn Your MBA Degree?

It can cost you a quite a bit of money to earn a business degree. When you are deciding which steps you want to take in your career, you have to decide if it is worth it to earn a graduate degree. To do this, you have to look at what your career opportunities are with and without your degree. It can also help you to look at average salaries and average tuition rates.

If you want to get attention from hiring managers, having your MBA degree will make that possible. With this being said, simply having an MBA will not get you the job. You still need to be a skilled communicator with strong business acumen. Compare accelerated MBA programs and measure the return on investment to make an informed decision.