Pennsylvania State University, also known as Penn State or PSU was founded during 1855 as a public research university.  With campuses located throughout the state of Pennsylvania, the University offers a number of dynamic educational programs and high ranking MBA programs.  PSU also provides a high quality, world renown, and innovative program in Human Resources and Employment Relations program.  The program features on campus and online instruction led by a team of educational experts through advanced theories, practical knowledge, and engaging research.  

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Penn State’s World Campus provides students with an exceptional distance learning program as a leader in online learning through 100 years of providing distance education and a decade of online instruction.  All Penn State graduates gain a solid educational basis necessary to advance to employment as business leaders with strengthened skills and refined abilities.

Application Requirements
– Statement of purpose identifying career and educational aspirations demonstrating written communication skills
– 3 letters of recommendation
– Resume documenting minimum of 2 years’ work experiences
– Online application
– 2 Official transcripts from each attended educational institution
– TOEFL scores for students whose native language is not English
– GRE or GMAT scores (optional)

– A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
– 2 years work experience

Tuition and educational fees at Penn State are assessed every semester of enrollment and are based on number of credit hours.  Rates are as follows:
– $775 per credit for less than 12 credits per semester
– $9,300 for 12 or more credits per semester

Technology fees
– $240 for 9 or more credits
– $180 for 5 to less than 9 credits
– $82 for less than 5 credits

Financial aid
– Federal Loans
– Subsidized Stafford Loans
– Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
– Federal Grad Plus

Private and/or Alternative Loans
– State and Federal Grants
– Federal Pell Grant
– Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants

Deferred Payment Plan

Third Party Payments

– Fischer Family Scholarship Program
– Jane Ireland Student Fund Scholarship
– Trustee Scholarship Program
– Alpha Sigma Lambda
– Yellow Ribbon Project Scholarships

Academic, Educational, or Corporate Awards

Penn State’s Human Resources and Employment Relations program offers graduate students numerous educational opportunities necessary to expand knowledge, strengthen skills, and perform as professionals managing administrative duties, strategic planning, sustainability, and hire or retain talented employees.  Students may complete studies within full or part time online programs offered by Penn State’s Worldwide Campus.  Part time studies are generally completed within two or four years with the option to complete the program within less time.

Required courses include: labor and employment, seminar in employment relations, seminar in human resources, international and comparative employment relations, organizations in workplace, labor market analysis, diversity in the workplace, and a research project.  Students may concentrate studies within 6 electives but must complete a total of 9.  Electives include: law of labor-management relations, employment compensation, employee benefits, staffing and training, labor relations in the public sector, ethics seminar, labor and employment law, needs assessment for industrial trainers.

Students must also complete one course in any of the following areas of concentration:
-Benefits and Compensation: seminar in human resources, employment compensation, employment benefits, or research project
-Labor and Collective Bargaining: seminar in industrial relations, law of labor management relations, labor relations in the public sector, or research project
-Employment and Labor Law: labor and employment law, law of labor management relations, labor and employment law, or research project
-Staffing, Training, and Development: seminar in human resources, staffing and training, needs assessment for industrial trainers, or research project.

Graduates who complete studies within Penn State’s Labor Studies and Employment Relations program advance to a number of upper level management positions as human resources professionals within the dynamic, evolving business industry.