What Jobs Are Best for a Human Resources PhD Graduate?

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Pursuing a doctoral degree in human resources is a big deal, which leaves many students wondering what the best jobs are for a Human Resources PhD graduate. The great news is that this degree puts graduates in positions where they can choose from almost any HR position imaginable, as well as research and academic positions. Since highly educated human resource professionals are very much in demand, they can also choose careers with the highest wage potential. Here are just a few of the best jobs for a Human Resources PhD graduate.

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Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers function at high levels in an organization, and their job is to oversee departments in the company. HR managers are responsible for recruiting, hiring, and firing employees; developing training and development programs; putting together compensation and benefits packages; meeting with vendors and insurance agents; collaborating with department heads on personnel issues; and ensuring employees are matched with positions where they can be the most productive and profitable. Some HR manager positions are filled by candidates with a baccalaureate or master’s degree, larger organizations prefer the highest degree. Human resource managers are expected to see job growth of 9% between 2016 and 2026 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Compensation and benefits managers are the individuals responsible for putting together and implementing compensation and benefits packages. When employees seek work today, many feel that good benefits are as important as good wages, so the compensation and benefits managers must be very proficient at this position. If an applicant for this position doesn’t have a Human Resources PhD, they’re expected to possess at least five years of experience working in management, human resources, finance, or a related field. These HR professionals are expected to see a 5% growth in employment by 2026.

Training and Development Manager

The main job of training and development managers is to enhance employee’s skills and knowledge. They do this by developing, coordinating, and implementing various initiatives like training programs, seminars, or workshops. Some training and development managers may begin their careers with a bachelor’s degree, but most employers prefer a candidate with an advanced degree and a specialization in organizational development, training and development, or HR management. Additionally, these candidates should have a high level of work experience in this area. Employment growth of 10% is projected for these workers.

College Professor

College professors with a Human Resources PhD have many career options available to them. Some choose to publish work in scholarly publications, some spend their days doing research, and others teach students about organizational leadership and HR management. Because this position often requires some teaching or work experience, many of the HR doctoral students obtain the experience working as teaching assistants while they’re in the program. College professors are predicted to see a 15% increase in employment. Like the HR positions listed above, college professors may earn annual wages above $100,000.

Candidates who have full-time jobs but are interested in earning a Human Resources PhD degree can choose one of several online programs. U.S. News & World Report states that students can typically complete these programs in two to 4 ½ years.

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