5 Great Conferences for Benefits Managers

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Competition for the best employees in many industries has never been higher, so human resources professionals will want to register for at least some of the 5 great conferences for benefits managers in 2017. Networking and keeping up to date on workplace trends, including what the competition is implementing, are key to the success of a benefits manager, who will be expected to make recommendations to senior management about policies and perks that can attract and retain top-notch talent. A knowledgeable and resourceful professional, who fully understands the financial aspects of adding or eliminating company benefits, and can serve as a respected consultant as workplace issues evolve, will enjoy a long and rewarding career.

Conferences for Benefits Managers

The 71st Council on Employee Benefits (CEB) will be held deep in the heart of Texas this year. Attendees will travel to San Antonio April 2-5, where workshops will be held by leaders of blue-chip companies. There will be valuable discussions on embracing change, as well as personal and professional development. While you must be a CEB member company to attend, the size of the conference is suitable for meaningful discussion and great networking opportunities.

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At the Workplace Benefits Renaissance in New Orleans, which will be held March 1-3, attendees will gather to hear from some of the most successful benefits leaders in the world. With a combination of respected keynote speakers and break-out sessions for more intimate discussion with peers, this conference is more focused on brokers and agents who provide benefits-related solutions to large-scale organizations.

The Mid-Sized Retirement and Healthcare Management Plan Conference in Phoenix March 19-22 is an excellent conference for those who work for an organization of 250 – 10,000 employees. The 2017 sessions will be full of valuable information about the repeal and possible replacement of the Affordable Care Act, as well as might be ahead with respect to labor laws. Attendees will learn how to ensure they are in compliance with laws, and have ample opportunity to network.

The Health and Benefits Leadership Conference will be held in Las Vegas April 19-20. Healthcare – or lack thereof – has dominated headlines for the past several years, and there is a growing uneasiness about what the future of healthcare will look like. Participants will learn about creating a culture of healthiness within their organizations, with a goal of reducing corporate healthcare costs, while heaving a healthier workforce. Expo exhibitors will offer a wealth of information about health-related issues that weigh on today’s employees, including elder care and mental health programs. This will be a meaningful conference for individuals who oversee benefits programs.

Start looking forward to the coming years be attending a conference hosted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans in Las Vegas Oct. 22-25. This benefits conference will include 100, highly focused sessions where benefits managers can identify solutions and products. This annual conference draws about 5,000 human resources professionals from around the globe. There will be a focus on coming trends, so this is a great conference for those who want to get ahead of the curve.

While there are many uncertainties in the coming years, it’s more clear now than ever that benefits managers will play a key role in ensuring the success of their organization. Change is inevitable, but by attending a few benefits conferences in 2017, managers will have key insight into how their organization might be impacted, and learn to develop creative, valuable strategies to ensure their company’s operational health.

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