5 Good Books for Human Resources Managers

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5-good-books-for-human-resources-managersWhen they need to know about employer policies or are feeling frustrated with their bosses, many employees head to their organization’s human resources (HR) manager. Being an HR manager requires a combination of business acumen, legal knowledge and people skills. Increase your HR know-how with these five essential reads.

100 Ways to Motivate Others

Practical and easy to use, Steven Chandler’s book on motivation helps managers better understand the art and science of getting their teams to work hard. Chandler teaches managers how to motivate their teams in ways that minimize micromanagement while maximizing productivity. This book is also focused on the bigger picture of motivation and how managers can model positive work behaviors. If you’re revamping or creating an employee recognition program, you’ll find this book especially helpful. Chandler provides plenty of actionable ideas that HR managers can share with other leaders too.

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and in Business

Charles Duhigg recognizes that humans are creatures of habit at the core, and he addresses how habits shape and impact us in this stellar book. This great read helps HR managers better understand how habits are formed and how people can break them. The tools that Duhigg provides are incredibly shareable, which makes them ideal for HR managers who conduct performance reviews or coach managers. The Power of Habit also moves readers because it goes far beyond basic understandings of habits to examine how they’re unconsciously formed and how they mold life.

Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success

This fascinating read from John Maxwell teaches readers to look past the initial disappointment of a failure to see what can be learned from it. Drawing on real-life observations, Maxwell posits that the most successful individuals in business aren’t those who’ve failed the fewest times but those who’ve been able to turn their failures into learning experiences. For HR managers, this book is an insightful look into how people can learn to overcome and master feelings of defeat. The skills Maxwell shares can be used by HR managers themselves or can be easily shared with others in their organizations.

Smart Staffing

Most HR managers are required to handle recruitment and staffing duties at some point in their careers. This guide from Wayne Outlaw helps HR professionals see the bigger picture when it comes to staffing. Useful for seasoned HR managers and newcomers alike, the book is a primer on every aspect of the recruiting and staffing process. With advice on topics ranging from writing ads to identifying stellar recruits to keeping employees happy, Outlaw establishes himself as a true expert in the field. Smart Staffing is an intensive staffing class in a book, and it’s a volume that you can turn to time and again for help.

The HR Answer Book: An Indispensable Guide for Managers and Human Resources Professionals

The HR department is one of the busiest in most organizations, and the professionals who oversee it are expected to know the answers to hundreds of employment questions at the drop of a hat. It’s a tall order, but HR managers can meet it with help from this exhaustive book by Shawn Smith and Rebecca Mazin. Featuring answers to more than 200 questions that HR managers are typically asked, it’s a go-to resource for everything from recruiting to family leave to layoffs. This volume is ideal for both new and experienced HR managers.

As an HR professional, you’re called upon to help employees and organization leaders on a daily basis. You can enhance the skills you mastered in school by reading these great titles and checking out other must-read HR books. It’s a great way to boost your knowledge and your confidence.

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