5 Innovative Recruiting Methods

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The Top Recruiters Use These Five Innovative Recruiting Methods

  • Hiring People for a Gig First
  • Video Interviews
  • Inclusive Job Ads
  • Advertising Based on a Project
  • Getting References from Current Employees

The low unemployment rate throughout 2019 means that employers have to look to these five innovative recruiting methods in order to attract the top talent. While some of the recruitment methods of the past still work, employers may have to be more active in their approach to enticing talented individuals to change jobs and join their companies. Here are five of the top methods that innovative recruiters use for finding skilled employees.

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1. Hiring People for a Gig First

The gig economy continues to grow. One way that an employer can recruit a full-time employee onto their team is to hire that person as a gig worker first. While not all freelancers will want a 40 or more hour per week job with the same company, there are many who are seeking more stability and the benefits of working for a full-time employer. A freelancer who does a great job on a certain project or gig should be offered a job if one opens up and suits their skills.

2. Video Interviews

Companies have to expand the geographic range from which they recruit new employees. Not everyone can drop what they are doing and fly across the country for one or many job interviews. Flying is costly, and both the individual and the employer may not have the funds in their budget to do this. Video interviews are the next best thing. They have a low cost, and just about everyone has the technology to do an interview like this on their laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

5 Innovative Recruiting Methods

3. Inclusive Job Ads

Inclusive job ads are another innovative way to recruit talented employees, explains Haver. “Inclusive” refers to the wording in the job posting. The phrasing or words used in a job post could be perceived as offensive by certain groups of people, and they might rule themselves out of applying for a job with the company. Using an artificial intelligence system to create the ads is one way to avoid it. Another is to have the posting reviewed by a diverse team of people in order to ensure that none of the phrasing or words seems discriminatory, offensive or otherwise off-putting.

4. Advertising Based on a Project

A company could also create job postings that are more project-oriented than job-oriented. This is a good idea for a company that is looking for the best person to work on or lead a project. A company that does a lot of similar projects in a sequential fashion could benefit from this recruitment strategy.

5. Getting References from Current Employees

Word-of-mouth is a tried-and-true strategy for recruiting talented individuals. Chances are good that a person who is an excellent eCommerce web designer or skilled tax accounting specialist has some friends or knows some people who perform related work and are skilled at it. Encouraging employees to provide references is a quick way to find people who would fit in at the company.

The recruiting process takes a lot of resources, and hiring managers and human resources specialists have to focus their energy on what works the best. It would behoove the recruitment team to track their efforts in order to collect data about which methods work the best for their business. These five innovative recruiting methods are great ideas for any business to consider.