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Professionals working in the business industry can develop new skills and improve their existing skills in online Master’s in Human Resources programs in Vermont. Also known as HR, these departments are responsible for handling the needs of employees working for a company. They will advertise any open jobs and interview potential applicants before finding the right people for those jobs. HR professionals also create benefits packages for new workers and change the packages for current employees. Those packages might include paid time off and health insurance. Vermont HR programs train those with more or less experience to work in this field.

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Champlain College

Degrees and Certificates

Champlain College is one of the oldest private universities in Vermont. Established in 1878 as the Burlington Business School, it first offered business programs and only accepted male students. This changed just a few years later when the school became Queen City Business College and accepted its first few female students. The school served as a commuter college for many years and did not construct its first dorms until the 1960s. Until then, students lived in their own homes or with their families. Later called Champlain College, it added full degree programs for undergrad and graduate students and established several campuses overseas.

Online Master’s Degree (MS) in Human Relations & Organization Development

The college now offers two different online Master’s in Human Resources degree programs in Vermont. One of those is its MS program in Human Relations & Organization Development. Though this program requires that students earn 30 credits, they have the chance to take 12 credits from within one field of study and earn a certificate in that field. They can study conflict management, employment law, leadership or positive organization development. The college asks majors in this program to take one elective and do a capstone, which is worth three credits. They’ll also take classes such as Coaching in the Workplace and Human Resources Analytics.

Online MBA with Certificate in Human Resource Management

One of the only MBA programs based in Vermont is this Champlain College program. The college allows students to earn both a Master of Business Administration degree and a human resource management certificate. Students will take four classes to complete this certificate, including Human Resources Foundations and Diversity and Creating a Culture of Inclusion. They must also take nine required MBA courses that include Financial Decision Making for Management, Process Integration and Performance, Leadership Seminar and Information for Decision Making, Business Analysis and Performance Measurement. Champlain College requires that MBA students do a capstone project and spend some time working in the field too.


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Online Master’s Degree (MS) in Human Relations & Organization Development

Online MBA with Certificate in Human Resource Management

As Vermont is such a small state, some students might assume that it doesn’t offer many opportunities for them. When those students expand their search to include online programs, they’ll find some great programs. Online Master’s in Human Resources programs in Vermont will help them work in HR departments for leading employers.

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