How do You Brand Yourself as A Human Resources Specialist?

Before anyone attempts to brand themselves as human resources specialists, it’s important to understand how branding works—and why human resources specialists are in high demand.

Branding, of course, is how people identify an individual or a company. It’s an almost instantaneous reaction when a name or company is mentioned. Just seeing the Coca-Cola symbol automatically creates a connection with anyone who has ever had a Coke or seen a commercial.

As for human resources specialists, branding becomes important when it comes to job seeking and advancement. When someone’s brand becomes strong enough, a potential employer, upon seeing the name of the branded applicant, automatically conjures up a connection. This gives the applicant a strong advantage over other applicants who might not have set themselves up with a strong brand image.

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What a Human Resources Specialist Does

An HR specialist, according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is responsible for finding new talent for companies, determining whether or not an applicant is a good fit for a position, and interviewing potential future employees—always with a focus on how smoothly someone will transition into working for a company. The HR specialist is used to integrate new arrivals with established workers in a stress-free, productive manner.

Getting into Human Resources

Getting a degree in human resources is the first step to branding someone as a human resources specialist. At the bare minimum, it requires obtaining a bachelor’s degree (usually in human resources itself) and it’s always a good idea to get a master’s degree in human resources or related fields if someone is looking for fast-track advancement.

Being an Expert

One of the most powerful ways to strengthen a brand is to become an expert. This doesn’t mean someone has to spend years and years and years, toiling in whatever field they are looking to become experts in. It does mean doing research, increasing knowledge, and utilizing whatever spare time available in order to become as proficient in knowledge as possible.

Human resources specialists should spend a great deal of time watching videos given by acknowledged experts in the human resources field. There are TED talks available that discuss how the most successful human relations departments operate.


A human resources specialist looking to increase brand awareness needs to use every social media aspect available. This means Facebook and Twitter and Instagram—building up a core group of followers, many of whom will probably be working in human resources. It’s important to remember to always be careful of what is posted on social media. The wrong word or the wrong phrase on the wrong day can have disastrous consequences.


Having a successful and popular blog is vital to human resources specialist branding. An HR blog that has a strong following is an indication the person behind the blog is knowledgeable in the field of human resources. This reinforces the whole “expert” label so important in branding, as pointed out in an article in Forbes Magazine.

If someone is looking to become branded as a human resources specialist, it takes time, effort, and determination. While it might seem, at times, to be a daunting task, the end result of becoming an HR specialist brand can be both rewarding financially and personally.