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Though many students earn their degrees through traditional programs that take place on local campuses, those who open their search to include Online Master’s in Human Resources in Nebraska programs will find even more options available to them. Online programs include the same courses taught by the same professors but allow students to spend more time working on their own. Students will do their own independent research and work on each individual project, but they can then use the online system to talk about their work and get help from their professors and peers. Bellevue University offers three of the top programs of this type in Nebraska.

Bellevue University

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Bellevue University is one of the top schools in Nebraska. Founded in 1966 as a small college, it developed a strong reputation for the programs that it offered for working students. Those students could attend evening classes and those that met on weekends to earn their degrees without sacrificing time away from their families and their jobs. Bellevue slowly expanded its program options to include some more traditional classes, but it also expanded its campus to better meet the needs of new students. Now a full university, it has an enrollment of more than 10,000 students. Around 80% of its students are working adults.

Online Master of Science in Human Resource Strategic Management Degree

One of the top Online Master’s in Human Resources in Nebraska is the Master of Science in Human Resource Strategic Management program that Bellevue offers. It features 12 courses that are each worth three credits to meet the 36 credits needed before a student can graduate. Unlike other programs that include some introductory courses, this program assumes that students already know the fundamentals and will start them out with higher level courses. Those courses include global HR management, human resource metrics and evaluation and action planning, talent management and recruitment, talent management and human capital management and development and human resource law.

Online Master of Business Administration Degree with Human Capital Management Concentration

Bellevue University offers an MBA program that takes place online with different concentration options. One of those suitable for HR students is the human capital management concentration. Students will take nine required classes, including accounting for performance management, marketing and new media strategy, operations and logistics in the value chain and financial reporting and analysis. Students will also need to take nine credits of courses from within the human capital management concentration, including management of organizational relationships and management of people in society. Bellevue University requires that all MBA students declare or pick a concentration when they apply for the online program.

Online Master of Business Administration Degree with Human Resource Management Concentration

Students applying to Bellevue University will find that the university also offers a human resource management concentration for those in its online MBA program. This program includes the same required nine courses that the last program requires, but students in this program will take different courses in their concentration. One course focuses on compensation and performance management and looks at how certain benefits can make employees work harder and do better. Students must also take a class on recruitment that looks at the best ways of getting new employees into open positions. There is a course on human resource law too that goes over current laws HR professionals must know and follow when working in the business industry.


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Every major company and some smaller companies have HR departments that are responsible for taking care of employees. Those professionals handle benefits packages, staffing and anything else relating to employees. Online Master’s in Human Resources in Nebraska offer students the chance to get an advanced degree in this field through an online program.

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