What are the Best Professional Associations for HR Directors?

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If you are a Human Resources (HR) director who is interested in advancing your career, you may be interested in learning about professional associations you can join to accomplish this objective. Since there are a plethora of professional associations for HR directors with different purposes and functions, determining which one is best can be difficult. However, by accessing the list of professional HR associations found below, you can make an informed decision regarding which organization will help you accomplish your personal and professional objectives.

Professional Associations for HR Directors

Many professional HR associations exist, each with it’s own attributes that make it unique. Some of the associations include:

National Human Resources Association

Established in 1951, the National Human Resources Associaiton (NHRA) places primacy on advancing the careers of its members by enhancing their planning and leadership skills. To accomplish this objective, the NHRA implements professional networking programs as well as development services throughout the nation. One of the central objectives of the NHRA is to support HR professionals throughout the duration of their careers, providing them with assistance as they become interns as well as when they reach executive-level positions. Becoming a member of the NHRA could be advantageous for many reasons, including the fact that the association facilitates the process of professional development by offering tools as well as various opportunities through conferences, live meetings, and seminars. The organization also provides members with several audiocast and webcast events.

Society for Human Resources Management

As an organization founded in 1948, the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) is currently the largest HR organization devoted to issues concerning human resource management. At this time, SHRM represents over 275,000 members in more than 160 countries. The Society’s primary concern is to serve the interests and needs of human resources professionals to help them advance human resource management as a professional practice. More than 575 affiliated SHRM chapters exist in the United States as well as in India and  the United Arab Emirates.

American Council on International Personnel

The American Council on International Personnel (ACIP) is a leading voice and resource for employers working worldwide to advance employment-based immigration of highly educated professionals. Members are companies, universities, research institutions and organizations throughout the world striving to ensure compliance with immigration policies. New immigration section helps members import talent.

College and University Professional Association for Human Resources

The College and Universty Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) is an HR organization that places primacy on the efficient management of human resources within the university and college setting. One of the top priorities of the organization is to devise learning opportunities that facilitate professional success and excellence. Additionally, the organization strives to influence regulatory and legislative issues which have an impact on human resources and the higher education workforce.

More Options

The aforementioned HR associations are just three of several that you can choose from when preparing to join a human resources organization that will help you excel as an HR director. You can access even more HR association options by reviewing articles such as “Human Resources Related Professional Associations and Organizations.”


If you are an HR director who wants to take their career to the next level, you should know that joining a professional association can help you accomplish this goal. By reviewing the list above, you can select the professional HR association that will best help you accomplish your personal and professional objectives.

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