North Greenville University is also featured in our ranking 50 Most Affordable Human Resource MBA Degree Programs.

Human Resources MBA

The Master of Business Admissions at North Greenville University offers a number of options for students regarding how and when they take their classes. They can apply prior to the beginning of any term and begin classes almost immediately. The university starts this program at five different times each year. It features eight-week classes that allow students to complete all 36 required credits in only 18 months. The MBA program is also available as a traditional program, entirely online or as a hybrid option.

In addition to a traditional MBA, students can also earn a Human Resources MBA. This is an optional track that includes four required classes. One of those courses is Human Resources Selection and Placement, which teaches students how to find the best candidates and place those workers in the right positions. Human Resources Compensation and Development is a course that focuses on how employers can compensate their employees and the benefits packages that human resources professionals create. Human resources majors must also take International Human Resources and Strategic Issues in Human Resources.

As the human resources track is still an MBA program, students must take some business courses too. North Greenville University will look at their transcripts to determine if they need to take any prerequisites. Those who do not have a business degree often need to take some of these classes. Though the university requires that students take some specific courses, it allows them to take those classes in any order they want. That order can also vary based on which classes are available when they enroll. Full-time students typically take two classes during each eight-week term, but students can take just one class and even skip classes during a few terms each year. The North Greenville University MBA program includes courses such as Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Issues in Professional Ethics, Research Methods in Business, Business Strategy and Human Resources Management.

About North Greenville University

North Greenville University is a private university in South Carolina that started out as a high school. Established in 1892, the North Greenville Baptist Association opened and operated the school, which was then the North Greenville High School. It was the first high school in Greenville County and offered opportunities for students that weren’t previously available. The Southern Baptist Convention’s Home Mission Board later took over the school and changed its name to the North Greenville Baptist Academy. It also served as the North Greenville Junior College and North Greenville College in later years. The college only offered courses for freshmen and sophomores until the 2000s. It then became North Greenville University or NGU.

NGU now offers a range of undergrad programs and a small number of graduate programs. U.S. News and World Report found that the university sees a large number of students enrolling after receiving their acceptance letter. It also ranked the university as the 80th best school in the south. Forbes ranks NGU as one of the country’s best colleges too. Other organizations ranked it as having some of the best professors in the nation and for offering affordable degree programs. North Greenville University retains its affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention today.

North Greenville University Accreditation Details

The MBA program offered by NGU has accreditation from the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), which also applies to some of its other business programs. IACBE covers the university’s undergrad business programs too. This is just as important as the regional accreditation that NGU holds, which comes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). With SACS accreditation, students can both transfer courses to the university and apply for financial aid. Graduate students may qualify for the unsubsidized loan program offered by the federal government.

North Greenville University Application Requirements

Applying to the university’s MBA program is easy because most of the tools that students need are available online. Students should start with the application, which asks new students to register and create a new account. They will then use a username, which is an email address, and a password to sign into that account. It only takes a few minutes to finish most of the application. Students will need to know what they want to study and details about the colleges they previously attended.

Though students can submit their applications online, they must submit two forms through the mail. The first is an essay that asks students to reflect on their past experiences before writing 500 words on how those experiences will help them in graduate school and what they want to do with an MBA. They can submit this form with a check for $30 that covers the application fee. The university also asks for three completed reference forms. Two of those forms must come from professional references such as employers, but students can submit one personal reference too. They will also submit official transcripts to NGU.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Though North Greenville University offers different concentrations for MBA students, they all pay the same tuition rate. The university charges $450 per credit hour for all courses in its Graduate School of Business. This makes its MBA program one of the most affordable in the country. Students also pay a technology fee of $80 each semester.

When students submit the FAFSA, the university will receive a copy within two business days. It will instantly send an award letter to the email a student listed on his or her application. Students can then log in and either accept or reject any of the financial aid given. Grad students receive $20,500 in unsubsidized loans per year, but they must enroll full-time in a program to receive that money. They can also use any private loans they want.

There are six scholarships available from the university too. Its South Carolina Baptist Foundation Scholarship is one of the ministry programs that it offers. This program awards money to students who are members of that faith. Some of the other scholarships available go to students who earned their undergrads degrees from NGU and those who are full-time residents of South Carolina. The university maintains a list of its scholarship programs with application requirements on its website. Most of the North Greenville University scholarships ask students to submit their applications by the early spring.