Is a Thesis Required for a Human Resources MBA?

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Students finishing up their human resources MBA are typically required to complete a culminating project of some sort. This maybe a capstone project or a research-based thesis, depending on the program requirements. A capstone project allows students to apply the theories and techniques they have learned and then document the results. A thesis is essentially a sizable research project that is meant to explore a certain topic and delve into questions on that topic. Students completing a human resources thesis, are wise to search for the very best research subject possible and other helpful bits of guidance. In that spirit, here are some additional tips on how to approach a master’s thesis.

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Written Approach

Creating the best thesis research product possible is similar to the process followed when completing other important papers and presentations. To get the very best results, students are advised to perform their writing in a number of individual steps. Pre-writing and brainstorming provide foundational notes from which to create direction. From here, a rough draft can be written. From the rough draft, the student can then identify areas of potential improvement and go on to create better drafts, and eventually, a final draft that is the final, polished product.

The Statement

This important writing will also need to include a thesis statement. This statement is essentially the opening position being presented and to be supported throughout the rest of the paper. There are three types of statements:

  • Analytical
  • Expository
  • Argumentative

In an analytical opening statement, the writer presents an issue and then prepares the reader for a paper that provides analysis and subsequently concluding thoughts on the premise. An expository statement simply tells of a situation or other concept. This type of paper would then go on to focus on supporting this assertion of facts to the very end. Finally, the third type of statement and approach used in this research project is the argumentative approach. Here, the writer makes a claim that may be refuted in some way, and then sets the reader on course for a paper that argues why this point is the best view or approach as opposed to alternatives.

HR-MBA Topics

Having covered some generalities that can apply to any thesis-writing student, here are some topic ideas specifically for the MBA student approaching their human resources thesis work:

  • Employee welfare
  • Human capital
  • Job contentment and motivation
  • Employee conflict in organizational change
  • Group sizes and their benefits/drawbacks
  • Culture and its many effects on the workforce
  • Leadership styles
  • Approaches and tactics in hiring
  • Ethics in HR and/or the workplace
  • Communications in HR
  • The future of HR
  • Competency, mapping and evaluation
  • Efficiency and inefficiency in training and development approaches

This type of course-end project is an important part of the collegiate culmination of experience, the final bringing together of the skills learned into a single proof. So eloquently put by Association of American Colleges and Universities contributor Jillian Kinzie: “Culminating experiences provide graduating seniors a course, program, or activity designed to cap off the integration of educational experiences, and foster transition to work or further education beyond the bachelor’s degree experience.” In conclusion, for additional guidance on that all-important human resources thesis project, there are a number of free and credible writing assistance websites available as well as the student’s own college library, writing labs, and other resources on-site.

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