5 Great LinkedIn Groups for HR Professionals

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LinkedIn has become more than just a professional networking platform – it has become an international phenomenon, linking professionals the world over from all disciplines for networking, discussion, research, and new work opportunities. For those working in human resources, it has become especially invaluable, allowing HR professionals to both network and easily recruit talent for their companies from one single platform.

LinkedIn Groups provide specialized resources for a multitude of disciplines, and human resources professionals are no exception to the rule. Whether you’re looking for HR podcast recommendations, better hiring practices, or to build your team, here are five great LinkedIn groups for HR professionals.

Linked: HR

With more than seven hundred thousand members, this highly active group is the biggest HR professional group on LinkedIn. Linked: HR focuses a great deal of its energy on the meeting of human resources practices and concepts with current and developing technologies. In addition to its technological discussions, Linked: HR is a valuable resource for all things human resources, from labor relations to security.

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Human Resources IQ

Human Resources IQ is a group with more than fifty-five thousand members, and focuses on providing the most up to date information and resources for HR professionals. Members come together to discuss everything from best hiring practices to brand-new or existing HR podcasts. Additionally, this LinkedIn group hosts five subgroups with different focus areas.

Human Resources Professionals Worldwide

This global reaching group is home to more than seventy-thousand members at every level of the human resources professions, from interns to executives. The group also boasts experts in a variety of areas of concern to HR professionals, from payroll to worker’s compensation. This group offers HR professionals to learn with and from an array of HR professionals worldwide – particularly helpful to those who may want to work in other nations.

Psychology in Human Resources

A true meeting of the minds, Psychology in Human Resources is a group for HR professionals specializing in social or organizational psychology, though all HR professionals are welcome to join and participate. A range of discussions on topics such as workplace motivation, mediation, employee happiness, and many others take place via this group, assisting HR professionals to utilize psychology as a way to improve employee and company performance.

Human Resources and Talent Management Executive

This group is home to more than three hundred thousand human resources managers and executives, who come together to discuss all things HR management from team building and motivation to best talent management practices. Its posts are moderated for quality, and it provides a range of quality resources to human resources professionals working at the management or executive levels.

LinkedIn groups provide essential opportunities to build your network and increase your visibility, especially if you are looking to transition roles or seeking a new company to work for. Whether you’re an HR veteran or off to a fresh start in your career, each of these groups will provide you with valuable resources to help you develop personally and professionally.

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