5 Great Archived Webcasts for HR Professionals

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The field of human resources has undergone some pretty dramatic changes in the last decade, from rapid-fire changes in hiring processes and implementation of new technologies to changes in law and statute affecting hiring and employee management. Human resources is a hugely dynamic field, and those working in human resources know that it’s the sort of job you have to do at least occasional homework for.

The digital age has made doing that homework a lot easier. The digital medium of podcasting, invented in 2004, has taken the world by storm – thousands of podcasts on tens of thousands of topics are available, usually for free, to inform, entertain, and educate. Starting off a day in the office by listening to one of these podcasts can help you stay on top of your HR game. Check out these five webcasts about human resources.


Taking a psychology-based approach to human resources management, this NPR podcast focuses on shaping factors of human behavior and how this impacts human resources management and recruitment – beliefs and assumptions about individuals or groups, emotions and perception, and the hows and whys of each. Stressing the importance of challenging these perceptions to promote diversity of individuals and personalities in the workplace, this podcast is available through NPR’s website.

The McKinsey Podcast

While this thought-provoking podcast is not specifically geared towards human resources, it is among the topics they cover, including talent recruitment and management, incentivizing, and strategy, along with many others – all relating to the achievement of business goals. This broad reaching podcast is a must-listen for HR professionals and business owners, and is available through iTunes.

Skilled Up’s Fearless Careers Podcast

This dynamic podcast features professionals from every business type and every level, including those fresh to the human resources profession and those who have worked in HR for years and are approaching retirement. This podcast takes a more meta approach to human resources, and features a variety of topics including positive qualities of HR professionals, work/life balance, relationship building, and many others. This podcast is available via SkilledUp’s website.

TED Radio Hour

Another podcast that isn’t principally focused on human resources but is nevertheless a great resources for professionals of all kinds, this innovation-focused podcast discusses the importance of new strategy development, new ways of approaching standing problems in industry, and developing the “work smart, not hard” approach to professional life. Hosted by Guy Raz, TED Radio Hour is available on the NPR website.

Lunch Conversation with DriveThru HR

This daily half hour podcast discusses all things human resources – talent recruitment, management, human resources technologies, and much more. Have a listen while you’re taking your before or after-lunch walk, or in the office cafeteria eating lunch. The Lunch Conversation has been around for more than three years, and is available through iTunes.

No matter what stage of your career you are in, tuning in to one or more of these knowledge-laden podcasts daily or weekly will help you hone your professional, creative, and personal edge in the field of human resources management. Whether you listen over your morning coffee, during your lunch hour, en route from or to work or while doing your paperwork, these webcasts about human resources can help you stay on top of current and developing trends in human resources management, as well as becoming more effective in your day-to-day duties.

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