What Resources Can I Use to Stay Current on My Human Resource Job Requirements?

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Staying up-to-date with the most recent changes in Human Resources can make the difference between moving ahead to the next career level and losing leverage within the current peer group. Being familiar with the new laws and today’s technological advancements is not an option but a necessity for those who want to remain relevant in the HR profession. Therefore, it is important for people to stay connected to the top resources in the industry. Listed below are 3 great resources that most savvy human resource professionals are following on a regular basis.

SHRM’s Official Site

It does not take long for a newbie in the human resources world to figure out what SHRM is, and how is connected to the job that they are performing . In fact, companies who have more than 500 employees are normally very familiar with what this organization offers since it is the largest organization worldwide devoted to Human Resource Management. With over 250,000 members, it is responsible for keeping HR professionals up-to-date on a wide diversity of domestic and global topics.

Even though the memberships in this organization is coveted because of the benefits the organization provides, there is still a huge amount of updated information available to any HR professional who accesses the site. With advances in HRIS technology and the laws that govern HR administration, this is a great resource for both individual contributors as well as HR management.

Online Social Networks

In addition to using SHRM as a valuable resource, HR professionals can also stay connected to the HR world laws and initiatives through various online communities. These are forums that provide a wide diversity of valuable information from all kinds of media. From the most current news articles to webcasts, virtually everyone in these communities has an opportunity to contribute in some form or fashion. Based off of the most recent social network strategies, these communities can encompass large numbers of HR professionals that communicate via active discussions. These discussions are often designed to assist HR professionals with solving real world situations that impact current job requirements. So, when anyone has a question, they can also be directed to the current laws that govern that area of employment.

OSHAs Official Site

Since some Human Resources specialists are handling a diversity of complex duties, they may want to glean information from any area that has an impact on their job responsibilities. This is why most HR professionals are keeping their ear to the proverbial HR safety ground by frequenting OSHAs (Occupational Safety & Health Administration official site. The information provided by this site addresses the current laws that protect the safety of U.S. workers. From recording work related injuries to training safety specialists on performing how to perform their jobs, there is a lot of information that these professionals will need to know to keep current.

Staying up-to-date with all of the changes in HR can be a challenge for any HR professional. Fortunately, there are many resources available to meet these needs. From accessing information provided by SRHM to Online HR social networks, each professional can find out what’s currently going on and what’s coming up next.