5 Benefits of Joining the SHRM

Membership to the SHRM: Five Great Benefits to Joining

  • Vast Member Resources
  • Ability to Stay Current
  • Professional Credibility
  • Exclusive SHRM Event Access
  • Continued Education Opportunities

The Society for Human Resource Management, or SHRM for short, is a renowned American organization devoted to all things human resources. While it doesn’t take membership to benefit from this organization’s many offerings, membership does, in fact, entail a whole host of excellent, associated benefits not otherwise available to the public. What are some of the benefits to joining the SHRM? Here are just five of the many, great reasons many join the SHRM today.

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1. Vast Member Resources

When it comes to a large pool of resources just devoted to the topic of HR, it’s likely impossible to beat the extensive wares of the SHRM. From magazines and journals to live chat connections, countless information articles, and more, the Society for Human Resource Management is a leader in unbridled HR information. At the organization’s website, this vast array of information can be found primarily organized into three, main sections: “HR Today”, “Resources”, and “Learning.”

2. Ability to Stay Current

For those seeking to specifically stay current in the ever-progressing world of HR, SHRM membership provides this excellent benefit as well. Current news, trend patterns, state and federal regulation changes – these are the things that HR pros need in order to stay current and on top of the game. SHRM members gain access to a constant feed of this type of emerging information and more.

3. Professional Credibility

While the SHRM itself doesn’t offer an item or service that can directly impart credibility on a professional, by being a member of the organization, one does instantly gain professional credibility in the HR world and elsewhere. Membership with the SHRM proves a certain degree of professional standing and experience, and this conveys in the greater business world. Actual membership requirements include the satisfaction of a yearly membership fee, good professional standing, proven experience in the field, and more.

4. Exclusive SHRM Event Access

The SHRM also hosts a wide variety of great events over the course of each year. Many of these events require membership in order to attend. From talent seminars to general annual conferences and even specialty skills camp events, the SHRM has an event for virtually every HR professional out there. For a full list of this year’s events as well as any planned for the organization’s future years, the SHRM Event List is the best place to search.

5. Continued Education Opportunities

The concept of “continued education” implies that workers can always benefit through educational efforts well into their careers, and the SHRM is also a leader in this very practice. As a member, one can access many continued education opportunities. These come by way of links to courses, study programs, educational events, advisory series, online and hard-copy publications, and more. One can even get help locating a specific continued education resource by simply reaching out via live chat or by way of one of the organization’s many, other contact methods.

The SHRM is a very important part of the US business world and its many, HR-related functions. As a member of this esteemed organization, one can expect plenty of excellent benefits, including those mentioned above. For additional information on the Society for Human Resource Management or membership therein, readers are strongly encouraged to inquire with the organization directly.