The University of Tennessee- Knoxville is also featured in our ranking 50 Most Affordable Human Resource MBA Degree Programs.

The University of Tennessee – Knoxville offers a Master of Science in Management & Human Resources through the Haslam College of Business. The program is designed to teach managers and HR professionals to improve the culture of their organizations and how to achieve goals. The program is recently redesigned, and the focus is to help students learn the skills to succeed in the ever-changing corporate landscape.

The curriculum of this program has a strong HR emphasis, of course, and includes a strong emphasis on leadership skills, decision making, and analytical evaluation. This helps to give graduates of the program a great advantage over their colleagues as they continue on in their career. The program also gives students technical and practical training, including legal and ethical training, which ensures future success in human resources.

The MS in Management & Human Resources program is flexible, and it is ideal for people who are already working in an HR capacity. Evening courses are available, and this allows students to complete the curriculum at their own pace. Some students can finish the program in as little as a year, but others might take two or three years to complete it. HR professionals who want to move into a management position can get a lot out of this program, and even those who are looking for a general management position can benefit, regardless of what their undergraduate degree is in.

Course offerings for this program fall into three different categories: leadership, management, and human resources. In the leadership category, students will take classes such as Legal & Ethical Issues in Management and Strategic Leadership. In the management category, students can expect to take classes like Business Fundamentals and Data-Driven Decision Making. Finally, in the human resources category of the curriculum, students take courses such as Strategic Reward Management and Organizational Behavior & Development.

One of the main unique features of this program is the evening class offerings. Again, this program is designed for working adults who are interested in going into management positions, so evening classes make sense. Students can choose from part-time or full-time paths forward, and for this particular program, work experience is certainly preferred.

About University of Tennessee – Knoxville

The University of Tennessee – Knoxville was founded in 1794 as Blount College, which was two years before Tennessee got its statehood. The school was not affiliated with any religious organization, and it was an all-male student body. The school struggled for more than a decade until it was re-chartered in 1807 as East Tennessee College.

Samuel Carrisk was the first president and only member of the faculty at East Tennessee College, and when he died in 1809, the school closed until 1920. It was re-opened that year and then relocated to Barbara Hill, today known as “The Hill,” in 1828. The school once again changed its name, this time to East Tennessee University. The final name change occurred in 1879 when the state’s legislature changed the university’s name to the University of Tennessee.

Today, the University of Tennessee system is home to more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students. These students come from all 50 states and more than 90 foreign countries. As of 2017, the University of Tennessee – Knoxville ranked as 46th in the country among public colleges and universities in the United States according to U.S. News & World Reports. The Haslam College of Business is ranked at #44 according to the same publication when compared to other business schools in the US.

University of Tennessee – Knoxville Accreditation Details

The University of Tennessee – Knoxville, has been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1897. There has been no break in the accreditation status, and it is accredited to award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

The Haslam College of Business holds accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. It has held this accreditation since 1941, and it was the 53rd school to ever be awarded this designation.

University of Tennessee – Knoxville Application Requirements

Potential students of this program must first apply for admission to the Graduate School. All applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Applicants must also submit transcripts showing that they have earned a minimum of a 2.7 GPA or a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in their senior year.

Depending on the program and the applicant’s academic performance, standardized test scores must also be submitted. The Haslam College of Business requires applicants to submit GRE or GMAT scores. The only exception is if the applicant is SHRM certified or if they have a bachelor’s degree from Haslam. There is no minimum score for these tests.

Potential students are advised that the Haslam College of Business only accepts applicants for the fall semester. The application deadline is March 1, but consideration may be given to students who apply up to May 1.

Tuition and Financial Aid

For the 2018 school year, tuition for the Graduate School at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville is $13,084 for in-state students and $31,502 for students who hold residency outside of Tennessee. Financial aid is available for students who qualify.

Graduate students who wish to apply for financial aid should begin the process by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. This can help students get loans to help pay for their education through federal resources. Additionally, the University of Tennessee helps graduate students pay for their education through other means, including through fellowships and assistantships. Most of the fellowships that are available through the university require no service to the school. Instead, they are based on academic merit. Those who are interested in assistantships can get partial funding of their tuition. Students who are awarded these assistantships work part time as research assistants, teaching assistants, or in administrative roles. Most require 10 to 20 hours of work per week. In addition to getting money to pay for their education, students who get one of these assistantships also get health insurance coverage.

For people interested in working in a management role in human resources, the Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville has an excellent program that can train them to enter the workforce as a competitive candidate.