5 Trends in Recruiting

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Keep Up With These Five Trends in Recruiting for 2019

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Front-end Process
  • Project-based Hiring
  • Increase in Video Interviews for Nationwide Recruitment
  • Embracing Flexibility
  • Hiring for a Person’s Potential Instead of Current Abilities

People who work in human resources may want to know about these five trends in recruiting. The recruitment and hiring process will differ from one firm to the next, but there are some general approaches that seem to be coordinated across most of the biggest employers in the United States. As time passes, those behaviors often filter down to medium-size and small businesses that are also seeking talented workers.

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1. Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Front-end Process

Artificial intelligence is already used in a lot of today’s applicant evaluations. Another one of the trends for 2019 recruitment is an increase in its use in the front-end process of hiring. This includes setting up chat bots in order to answer questions from candidates. It may also include the use of filtering and pre-screening applicants so that recruiters do not have to do as much busywork in narrowing the funnel of who makes it to the next stage of the hiring process. Experts suspect that a greater use of AI will make the applicant’s experience better and free up the recruiter to do more tasks that require human eyes and actions.

2. Project-based Hiring

In the past, most hiring focused on a job description. In 2019, more employers are hiring based on their current and planned projects. A company can hire the best person for the project. In an economy where people have gotten used to gig hiring, freelance work and rapid turnover, this may be advantageous for the worker and the employer. The employer gets the best person for the project.

3. Increase in Video Interviews for Nationwide Recruitment

According to Monster, there will be a continued upward trend in the use of videos for recruiting on a nationwide basis. Large companies as well as smaller ones know that they have to expand the geographic area from which they recruit talent. They cannot simply rely on candidates from one city or one state to fill their job openings. Because candidates may not be able to travel at a moment’s notice, they will take advantage of video conferencing technology.

5 Trends in Recruiting

4. Embracing Flexibility

In 2019, employers are embracing flexibility to a higher extent than they did a few years ago. This might mean allowing for flexible work hours or work locations. This attracts talented individuals who want their lives to be more than the hours they spend on the job. It also encourages happier workers who have time for volunteering, personal development and a family life.

5. Hiring for a Person’s Potential Instead of Current Abilities

In the past, companies have hired based on what a person has already done. They used the person’s past successes as a predictor for their future success. A trend for 2019 is hiring for the potential of the person. This means the person’s potential to learn new skills or develop expertise. Companies look for people who are ready and willing to learn.

It is not necessary for a business to follow every trend in recruitment. A company might find that they just need to make a few changes in order to be competitive in the hiring process. Being familiar with what is trending in recruitment for 2019 could help a business attract some of the best-qualified candidates to their company.