5 Corporate Careers in Learning and Development

Corporate Careers in Learning & Development: Five Great Choices

  • Industrial Psychologist
  • Occupational Hygienist
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Specialized Consultant
  • Strategist/Analyst

Today’s field of corporate careers in learning and development, or LDEV, is a rewarding, ever-growing area of vocational promise. What are some of the top options available in this specific industry? Here are five great choices that are forecast to continue to grow in demand for the indefinite future.

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1. Industrial Psychologist

Industrial psychologists can really affect true change in the LDEV aspects of an organization. These professionals are essentially graduate psychologists who are employed by organizations to observe and make suggestions where it comes to matters of psychology. An industrial psychologist may find an undue stressor in a manufacturing company, for example, and then suggest to corporate management ways to abate the issue. Creating educational plans to help develop employees is all par for the course.

2. Occupational Hygienist

As this role’s title suggests, the occupational hygienist is a professional who focuses on ways to assure the health and safety of people and environments in work-zones, or work-zone hygiene. While this professional is always on the look out for concerns in the work-zone, they also can spend a considerable portion of time focused on LDEV matters such as creating or administering learning materials, courses, training updates, and more. Those working in this role may also frequently work with many other roles covered in this list.

3. Human Resources Specialist

Human resources is all about maintaining the best employees possible at any one time. This pursuit itself involves a great deal of ongoing, educational, LDEV efforts whether employee-specific, department-specific, or even company-wide in nature. Human resource specialists are the go-to pros here. Typically requiring a bachelor’s degree for competitive entry, the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites this position as also offering a median pay rate of $29.27 per hour.

4. Specialized Consultant

Consultancy is yet another great way into corporate learning and development jobs today. As being a consultant means being an outside expert who is brought in to consult and advise, there are any number of actual, specialized consultant roles one can embody and thus still work closely with LDEV matters of business. Executive consultants, company culture consultants, management consultants, and safety consultants are just a handful of the types needed in today’s job markets.

5. Strategist/Analyst

Many organizations rely heavily on deeper analyses of their many, often complex systems. With such analytical power, they can then forecast upcoming needs and opportunities and adjust to work much more efficiently in any number of ways. This analysis work is what strategists, also called “analysts”, do best. Per Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, management analysts, for example, are facing a 14% industry demand growth rate and currently make a median pay of about $40.20 per hour.

Of the many opportunities to work at or alongside the corporate level, those involving LDEV works are often some of the most rewarding. Developing employees is one of the best ways to positively affect their health and well-being, as well as that of the organization and even their consumers themselves. These five corporate careers in learning and development are among the best in the field right now.