5 Tips for Building Company Pride

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Looking at tips for building company pride is a good way to learn how you can make your employees feel proud to work for you and to make your workers happier. Happy workers are less likely to look for greener pastures, which can significantly improve your overall retention rate. This also helps you save money in the long run, especially in terms of hiring and training new employees. You can improve your company pride in a few easy ways.

Bring in Treats

Nothing says that you appreciate the hard work your team does than a simple treat. The next time your team meets its goals, treat the whole crew to a free lunch. You can arrange for a catering company to bring in lunch, or you can turn to a local restaurant for help. Bringing in small treats like doughnuts or cupcakes can help too. Don’t forget to wish employees a happy birthday too. Throwing a small party with cake and ice cream lets those workers know that you care.

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Help the Community

Working together on a shared goal is a great way to build team loyalty, which is why many companies take part in charity events each year. Don’t just pick a charity that you want to support though. Let your employees suggest charities and then let them vote on which one they want to support. Your whole crew can volunteer to make dinner at a soup kitchen, take part in a charity run or host a silent auction to raise money for a worthy cause.

Treat Employees Fairly

One of the tips for building company pride recommended by Joseph Folkman of Forbes is treating employees fairly. Folkman points out that when employees feel like employers treat others more favorably that they are less likely to take pride in that organization. Having an HR director who gives one employee more time off than another or having a supervisor that frequently gives one worker less work than others can lead to employees feeling unhappy. Those unhappy employees may do less work and may start looking for another job. Treating your workers favorably will go a long way towards building company pride.

Reward Workers

When you do not reward your employees for the work they do, they begin feeling like just another cog in the machine. Some companies assume that rewards cost a lot of money and that rewarding employees does little, but simple rewards can pay off big in regards to building company loyalty. A reward can be as simple as a promotional item with the company logo on it like a sweatshirt or a coffee mug. You should also take the time to verbally congratulate your workers for their hard work and thank them.

Confront Issues Head On

A common problem facing companies today is that they tend to ignore or overlook common issues. When employees feel that you do not listen to them or that you will not help them with the problems they face, they will not feel loyal to you or your company. Putting a suggestion box in the office and taking the time to read those suggestions out loud shows employees that you want to know what they think. You can use that box to confront some of the issues plaguing your workers too.

Company loyalty and retention go hand in hand. Employees who feel like employers care about their thoughts, opinions and hard work are more willing to stay with that company for years. Rewarding your workers and treating them are some of the top tips for building company pride and loyalty among workers.