A workforce planning manager is in charge of working with an organization’s executives and HR team to ensure the company employs the right number of employees who possess the right skills.

If you are looking to work in business and you are a strategist at heart, this is a management position that you might want to pursue.

Before you enroll in a degree program, you should find out what workforce planning specialists do. Here’s what you need to know about job duties and job outlook:

What is the Primary Role of a Workforce Planner?

The entire reason that an organization hires a manager in charge of workforce planning is to align the company’s business plan with their workforce. It is also the manager’s duty to address workforce issues within the company and predict future issues that they may face. With a talented manager, the employer will be able to project staffing needs, respond to staffing needs quickly, develop job classes, deploy staff, manage risk, and create a company culture.

What Are the Common Job Duties of Workforce Planners?

A workforce planner is responsible for overseeing the practices and implementing new policies within the talent management department of an organization. While duties vary based on the size of the company and the industry that the company is in, most managers are in charge of similar tasks. Some of the duties that you perform as a workforce planning specialist include:

* Forecasting staffing needs
* Recruiting skilled applicants
* Skill development through employee training programs
* Job fulfillment
* Generation of reports showing production volume to assess future and current needs
* Collection of data and analysis to improve business operations in one or more departments
* Changing work schedules to optimize performance
* Identifying critical job titles and classifying jobs
* Reassigning workers to different titles
* Deciding when a job becoming obsolete
* Hiring seasonal employees
* Proposal of staffing plans and staffing budgets
* Providing strategic advice to decision-makers

How Do You Become a Workforce Planner?

No day in workforce planning is the same. If you would like to become a strategic planner who helps manage and recruit talent, the first step is to earn your Bachelor’s degree. It is best to major in business or human resources while you are earning your undergraduate degree.

Once you have a 4-year degree in a business-related area of study, you should start to pursue an entry-level position in talent management or HR so that you can eventually test to become a Certified Workforce Planning Professional. Once you are a CWPP, you can network and land yourself a position by showing that you are a competent professional.

What is the Job Outlook for Workforce Planning Professionals?

Developing a strong and skilled workforce is the focus of many organizations. Since it is a focus, the job outlook in the field is positive. In fact, the need for HR managers is projected to grow by 9%, which is faster than average. If you specialize in HR management, strategic planning, and employee development, you will be high in demand.

If you are ready to advance your earning potential, start by studying for your degree. Once you are qualified to work in talent management, show off your skills and get certified to work as a respected workforce planning manager.

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