What GPA Will I Need to be Accepted into a Master’s in Human Resources Program?

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The minimum GPA for admittance into a Master’s in Human Resources program is a 3.0. However, some programs set the bar at a GPA of 3.5. Below explains what else you will need to be accepted into a Master’s in Human Resources Program.

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General Requirements

Students must have an accredited bachelor’s degree in a field related to human resource management. Students will be expected to submit official transcripts and a completed application. Some programs require current Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test scores. Candidates who already have a master’s degree, but do not have these scores, may substitute four to five years of professional HR experience. Two letters of reference, one academic and one professional, should be submitted. Many programs also expected a current resume reflecting relevant work experience and a one to two page statement of purpose essay that explains the motivations and expectations of the student. Some master’s in HR programs will have prerequisite requirements.

Prerequisite Requirements

Most HR masters programs will require the candidate to have previously taken business, financial and research classes. Ideally, students will already have taken basic HR and organizational management coursework. Students should understand labor relations, compensation systems and common HR issues, such as legal liabilities. Students should be familiar with applicable state and federal employment laws.

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Classes in organizational training, theory and communication will help the student. Students should also understand the basic principles of business law, administration and leadership. Other classes that may help prepare the student include classes that cover psychology, international business, strategic decision making and quantitative and qualitative research.

HR Masters Programs

HR masters programs will teach students how to apply business knowledge, institute effective practices and provide solid leadership that drives learning and self-improvement. Students will master how to apply knowledge of human behavior and organizations to maintain compliance with corporate practices and employment laws. Graduates will be able to cultivate a work environment in any industry that is fair, safe and efficient.

Students will also understand how to foster a business subculture that values, motivates and engages employees. This is accomplished through creating and implementing training and reward programs that promote employee learning and organizational development. Graduates will appreciate the role that diversity plays in employee driven innovation and collaboration. Finally, students will be able to identify and use technology to research, gather, evaluate and interpret complex HR data for strategic business decisions.

Sample Coursework for HR Masters Programs

Sample courses include reward programs, which analyze the functions of benefits and compensation systems, and strategic HR management, which emphasizes the role that HR managers play in various business decisions. A talent development class will instruct students how to recruit and develop a diverse workforce through standard analysis metrics, such as workforce forecasts and employee competency evaluations. There most likely will be a course on HR global management that focuses on cultural competency and international work forces.

Most programs require a GPA from 3.0 to 3.5. A Master’s in Human Resources Program will train a student to become a competent HR professional.

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