What Is the Best Approach When Seeking an Internship in Human Resources?

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When you are going to college to further your education after high school, you will go about your studies and eventually complete your coursework which will secure your degree. In addition to what you have learned in the classroom, an internship is an incredibly helpful experience that you can apply for while you are still in school.

Essentially, you apply for a ‘job’ at a company that is within your field of studies. You typically do not get paid and you will be working simply for the experience that you will get, and often college credit. This is hands-on learning instead of sitting in a classroom taking notes. Many professionals that have worked in the field of human resources for many years swear by their Internship in Human Resources. The experience that they gained was something they carried into their own professional lives.

Let’s take a look at what the best approach is when you are seeking out an internship in this field. Keep in mind that HR is a competitive workforce and there will be other students that are looking to take on the same job that you are. Most companies only take on one or two interns each semester, so its best to get ahead as soon as you can.

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Apply For Numerous Internships

When you are looking for internship opportunities, don’t limit yourself to applying for just one job. You aren’t guaranteed to get the first internship that you apply to so make sure you have various options in case you don’t get one opportunity or if your availability changes. You also want to have options based on your interests and opportunities that will fit into any classes you are taking or any other job that you have.

Stand Out

Just like with applying for a job, you have to stand out as a candidate if you want to be a strong consideration. When you apply and when you go through the interview process, make sure you communicate what makes you different from the competition. Let the company know what you bring to the table and how you can be an asset to them even as an intern.

Be Persistent

Once you have applied for an internship, it is important to follow up just like you would after a job interview. This can be done by calling the person whom you have been in contact with or emailing them. Simply thank them for the opportunity to interview and you can inquire if a decision has been made yet regarding who will be hired for the internship. You can even express how exciting you think the opportunity would be and how you are still very much interested. Persistence pays off and this is one way that you can secure an internship.

Some internships run for the duration of a semester, others will run for the full year and you can many times find an Internship in Human Resources that will be strictly for the summer months. Think about what your schedule will be and apply for a position based on that information. Also, don’t stretch yourself too thin. You don’t want to find yourself in trouble juggling your classes as well as your internship and other aspects of your life.

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