5 Ways Companies Can Promote Philanthropy in the Workplace

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Encouraging Employee Giving in the Workplace

  • Learn the Charities Employees Like
  • More Than the Money
  • Encourage Volunteering
  • Set a Good Example
  • Make it an Event

Giving to charitable organizations should be a part of the culture of your company. Encouraging philanthropy in the workplace can attract talented individuals who want to work with an employer who cares about their community and the world. It’s great from a marketing perspective too. The public wants to see companies caring about their community by participating in charities or starting their own campaigns for donating time or money.

Learn the Charities Employees Like

If your company is planning to give to a charity, it’s important that it’s an organization that employees are passionate about before donating. Take a poll of the employees to find out the ones they like. From that list, pick one that aligns with the goals of the company or has a program that makes it fun for the employees to give of their time and money. The charity or cause should be one that you can work with easily, and it should be one that really uses donations for the causes, too.

More Than the Money

You can encourage employees to give money with matching programs from the company, but it doesn’t have to be cash gifts. Encourage your employees to spend their time with the organization volunteering or providing technical services. While some people might want to provide financial support to the cause, others might want to volunteer time or services.

Encourage Volunteering

When employees are encouraged to volunteer or given rewards through your company, they’re more likely to spend time in the community. Some companies participate in programs that allow them to organize volunteers on a scheduled basis. Companies can make the contributions of time, money or effort a reward through the company too. Companies that encourage philanthropy have employees who take pride in being a part of the community and participating in worthy charities in the local area.

Set a Good Example

Employees who give back to the community will appreciate employers who set a good example with their own giving. If you encourage employees to donate gifts for homeless children around the holidays, it’s vital that you match or exceed those gifts. Anytime you’re encouraging your employees to give cash, you should be matching those donations. As the boss, you can volunteer alongside your employees who will respect you and have pride in the company that gives back so generously.

Make it an Event

People can get excited about charitable drives and giving back to society in an organized way through events. You can participate or start your own charitable event. While it’s great for building a cohesive team of employees who are bonding over a good deed, it’s a terrific way to show a charitable image to the local community. Employees and people in the community will see the company as an ethical and view you more highly.

Companies that encourage philanthropy in the workplace are bound to attract employees with the same ideals. These employees will be loyal and work harder for a company that they believe is working hard to be charitable and ethically responsible. It’s great to help those less fortunate, and it can shine a spotlight on your company as one that cares about its community.