5 Great Blogs for Labor Relations Professionals

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Labor relations professionals work hard to keep employers and their work forces on the same page. While their educational backgrounds and career experiences help them perform tasks like negotiation and resolution, they can also take cues from current events in their field. Here are five helpful blogs that might offer insights into how labor relations is continually evolving.

1. U.S. Department of Labor Blog

The Department of Labor blog is a well connected resource for finding out more about new laws and rules straight from the source. Because its contributors include DOL economists, secretaries and other administrators, it provides a unique inside look at the intent and meaning of worker protections and rights.

Not all the blogs found here regard novel regulations. Many address violations of established laws, which might help labor relations professionals figure out safer ways to comply.

Some of the articles also include features like letters to the secretary from members of the public. These provide a good look at common worker perspectives and concerns you might not have considered or encountered yet.

2. OnLabor

OnLabor is a well-established blog that focuses on the politics and affairs of workers and union organizations. Founded by a pair of Harvard professors with academic concentrations in employment and other forms of law, the blog examines numerous aspects of labor relations that are unique to the modern world.

Labor relations professionals will likely be interested in this blog’s daily news and commentary sections. It also hosts articles highlighting specialized contemporary subjects, like the gig economy. Ongoing political events and cases that span multiple articles, such as Supreme Court vacancies and high-level labor disputes, are well-organized for easy reference. Contributing writers include Harvard Law students as well as faculty from other accredited institutions.

3. National Labor Relations Board

Although it deviates from the typical blog format, the News & Outreach section of the National Labor Relations Board website is a repository of great info. The news releases it publishes detail cases that might have national or regional significance. They also cover initiatives and administrative details that could impact your professional interactions with the NRLB.

The NRLB blog also includes a lot of real-world information in the form of fact sheets, graphs, tables and even raw data. If you’re trying to determine how prior labor disputes and decisions might impact ongoing affairs at your workplace, this is a good place to find out what to expect.

4. Labor Relations Today

McGuireWoods‘ Labor Relations Today examines many of the same cases that the previous three blogs address, but it does so from the perspective of legal professionals. As lawyers commonly play roles in workforce disputes, these articles could help you get a better feel for how proposed laws actually end up being implemented and enforced in real life. This blog also offers an interesting perspective on how public opinion affects labor proceedings.

5. Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management’s HR News blog addresses current events in the HR world. The articles cover a broad range of topics, so even if you’re working on behalf of a specialized industry or labor group, there’s likely to be something you can apply in your practice. The SHRM website also contains a wealth of informative resources on common HR practices.

Labor relations can be extremely complex. Although there’s no substitute for experiential learning, researching labor developments and laws can help you make headway as you get to know the field. These resources even keep seasoned professionals in the know about the factors that affect their work.