5 Things HR Managers Dislike About Their Jobs

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While many HR managers love their jobs, there are certain aspects that can become a problem over time. Like any other employee, they’re not always happy with everything that happens on a daily basis. These are a few of the things that human resource managers dislike about their jobs.

No Control Over Management

While HR knows that you can’t fire an employee without cause, managers will often do what they want without looking at the rights of the employee or the obligations of the company. While employees might feel like human resources is on the side of management, they actually don’t have much control over what happens within other departments.

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Dealing with Dramatic Employees

These employees are constantly in the HR office complaining about their coworkers or their boss. It’s usually minor inconveniences like an employee making a fragrant lunch in the break room microwave, or a coworker who parked over the white line in the parking lot, which made the complainer have to walk from further back in the lot. This is the person who complains to HR about every detail that makes them unhappy throughout the day. They’re usually unhappy too.

Employees who Threaten

Unfortunately, human resources gets the brunt of the anger within the company. It doesn’t matter if the manager was at fault, or the employee himself, the HR manager is the one that will hear the threats. Usually, it involves an employee threatening to call an attorney or bringing their complaints to the Department of Labor. Human resources follows all the laws and regulations of the DOL, and they’re regularly threatened with lawsuits from unhappy employees.

Bad Feelings from Employees

Whether it’s managers who feel that human resources blocks them from doing their jobs or employees who feel like HR sides exclusively with management, it seems like human resource managers are not appreciated by anyone in the company. Unfortunately, human resource managers are often the scapegoat for disgruntled employees who have a problem with the rules of the company itself. HR managers are not the ones who make the rules or bring in arbitrary regulations for everyone to follow. They are following labor law, which can change constantly.

It Feels Uninspiring

There are times when being a HR manager feels uninspiring. You feel ineffectual and unhelpful to everyone in the company. This might be a fleeting feeling due to a situation at work, or a sign that it’s time to move on from the position. A human resources manager should feel like they’re having an impact on the company that is positive as a whole. If they don’t, it is time to look inside and make some changes. Not all the things that a person dislikes about their job comes from an exterior place. It could mean that you’re dissatisfied with your job and need a change.

It can be a thankless job sometimes, but HR managers are valuable and much-needed parts of the successful running of a company. They’re the ones that act as a buffer between management and employees, and although they aren’t always appreciated, they are vital to that success. They keep a company out of court and effectively deal with all the rules and regulations the government changes without much notice.