SUNY Empire State College is also featured in our ranking 50 Most Affordable Human Resource MBA Degree Programs.

Business Management MBA

SUNY Empire State College offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Management that is similar to the human resources programs offered by other schools. Designed for current leaders and managers, this program is suitable for those in entry-level positions as well as those with more management experience. Students will take their classes online, and they can enroll as full-time or part-time students. It takes 20 months and some summer classes for full-time students to graduate. Part-time students can graduate in around 27 months.

Though the college requires that students take some foundation courses, it will accept courses they took as undergrads to fulfill these requirements. Those who did not take classes such as Principles of Economics and Applied Business Statistics can take those courses as part of the MBA program. Students must take two courses in the first semester: Leadership and Organizational Behavior and Strategic Perspectives of Global Management. They will then take six credits of electives and 18 credits of management courses.

The business management classes that students take include High-Performance Management, Operations Management, and Strategic Marketing Management. A course on Financial Management teaches students how to manage the finances of a company, while Management Information Systems is a required course that goes over the software and systems that human resources professionals use on a daily basis. SUNY Empire State College also offers its MBA program with a concentration in international business.

About SUNY Empire State College

The State University of New York, better known as SUNY, refers to a school system based in New York that includes public schools across the state. Empire State College is a branch of that system that consists of several branches and an online campus. Sometimes called SUNY Empire State College to show its connection to that system, the college also goes by the name of Empire State.

Established in 1971, Empire State is one of the more unique schools in this system. Its founder wanted to create a distance education college that would offer opportunities for all types of students. Its early programs followed a traditional distance education format that required students to do readings and complete workbooks at home before mailing their assignments to their professors. It later switched to a more modern online delivery system.

The college now gives students the chance to enroll in degree programs and to customize those programs based on their own needs and interests. They can also work with mentors who will guide them through their programs and gain credit for past experience. The college offers exams that students can take. Based on the scores they receive, they will earn credit that counts towards their degrees. More than 18,000 undergrads and more than 1,100 grad students choose to study at SUNY Empire State College every year.

SUNY Empire State College Accreditation Details

The two most important types of accreditation that SUNY Empire State College has includes both regional and its specialty accreditation. Regional accreditation allows graduate students who took college classes and earned credits from any school with the same type of accreditation to transfer their credits into one of the college’s programs. Empire State has regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). All the business programs available from the college, including its MBA programs, have accreditation from the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

SUNY Empire State College Application Requirements

SUNY Empire State College is very selective with who it accepts into its MBA programs. It requires that students have a bachelor’s degree before they enroll. As part of the application process, students will submit a transcript. The college will accept an unofficial transcript from those still enrolled in an undergrad program but asks for an official transcript later. Empire State will accept both digital and paper transcripts. The schools where students earned their degrees must have regional accreditation too.

Once students complete the online application, pay the application fee and submit their official transcripts, they will need to complete some other admissions requirements. The college asks for proof that students can handle the demands of the program and that they have an interest in business management. Students can meet this requirement with an essay that lists all their experiences and explains why they want to study business and earn an MBA. They can also submit a resume that lists all the business experience they have. SUNY Empire State College may require that students show proof they took prerequisite courses and that select students take an entrance exam too. These requirements typically apply to students who do not have a strong business background.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Empire State charges $619 per credit hour for students enrolled in an MBA program who are also New York residents. Those students will pay the same rate when taking online classes. Students from any other state will pay $743 per credit hour. They pay this same tuition rate when taking any type of class within an MBA program. The college keeps its tuition rates down with a grant that all nonresidents can get. This grant lowers the total cost of completing one of its MBA programs.

Though all schools in the SUNY system are affordable, many students still need help. Empire State offers a discount for all military students, including those in a guard or reserve branch and those on active duty status. Veterans also qualify for a tuition discount. Graduate students who file the FAFSA and choose this as the college they want to attend will find out if they qualify for any type of government aid. New York offers multiple grants for students of all ages. There are also special programs available for women and minority students.

Grad students can also use loans. Unsubsidized loans come from the federal government and allow students to borrow the bare minimum they need up to a maximum of $20,500 a year. Students will need to through exit counseling before they graduate, and they can begin paying on their loans while working on an MBA. Other types of loans that students may want to consider include both private student loans and graduate PLUS loans. The SUNY Empire State College MBA program is an affordable option for students who want to study human resources and business management.