5-companies-with-the-best-benefitsOne advantage of finding a top-notch career is that it usually comes with valuable benefits. Many well-paying jobs include medical insurance and paid vacation days. However, some organizations go much further. They attract qualified employees with a tremendous variety of free and discounted services.

These five businesses have become famous for supplying excellent benefits:

1. Salesforce

This California-based company rewards its staff with special wellness, travel and education programs. Employees can set aside as much as $510 in tax-free income to cover parking and commuting costs. Every month, the software firm will pay for up to $100 in massage therapy or yoga classes. Staff members receive discounts on cleaning services, tickets to music events and various other purchases. Salesforce also pays tuition for workers who enroll in university classes related to their careers. It even reimburses them for buying textbooks. When employees donate to approved charities, the company matches their contributions. It limits qualifying donations to $5,000 per year.

2. Google

The Internet’s top search engine offers a particularly stunning benefit package. Among other things, it includes travel insurance, free legal advice and on-site medical care. Business News Daily reports that employees receive massages and physical therapy without leaving the headquarters. The tech giant provides extra cash and vacation time to mothers with newborns. Electric car owners may charge their vehicles at the office, and staff members can request help from an emergency travel assistance service. Google employees also play volleyball and swim in a heated pool. They can qualify for complimentary college courses as well.

3. Patagonia

Although technology firms often get the most attention for providing extraordinary benefits, you can find great perks in many other industries. An outdoor clothing brand known as Patagonia maintains headquarters in Ventura, Calif. Its employees can use bikes, skateboards and scooters for free. They also have the option to attend complimentary yoga classes, according to The Washington Post. The company subsidizes organic meals in an office cafe. Staff members’ kids can spend weekdays at Patagonia’s child care center and frolic in the playground. This employer lets people work flexible hours on weekdays. During the weekend, it completely shuts down the Ventura office.

4. Southwest Airlines

If you like to travel, this airline may offer one of the best benefit packages you can find. It allows employees and their families to board Southwest planes at no cost. They receive guest passes that permit friends to join them on free trips. Workers also enjoy price reductions when they stay at hotels, use other airlines or rent vehicles. The company gives them a 10 percent discount when they purchase its stock. Staff members benefit from profit sharing and a 401(k) retirement plan as well. Additionally, Southwest Airlines provides dental, life, health and disability coverage.

5. Clif Bar

This well-known snack company maintains a rather impressive list of benefits. Staff members can use its fitness center, borrow bicycles and talk to nutritionists for free. Every week, this employer pays workers to spend up to 150 minutes in the on-site gymnasium. They can choose to attend spinning, yoga or rock-climbing classes during this time. Clif Bar reimburses a maximum of $350 in entrance fees for athletic competitions, such as marathons and mountain bike races. It also supplies bonuses when staff members use eco-friendly transportation methods or upgrade their homes with energy-saving components. Employees enjoy plenty of free time as well. When people start working at Clif Bar, they receive about 27 annual paid vacation days and holidays.

These amazing benefit packages greatly improve many workers’ lives. They also enhance productivity, cut medical expenses and help companies retain staff members. The bottom line is that such programs are mutually beneficial in numerous ways.

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