5 Jobs With a Master’s in Transformative Leadership

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A master’s in transformational leadership is intended for leaders and coaches in a variety of different fields. It helps to bring about the best in leaders and the people that they lead. Through these programs, leaders can develop an in-depth understanding of leadership styles. Following graduation, students may work as executive directors, case managers or in a variety of different organizations.

1. Non-profit Organizational Development Consultant

A consultant in this field works to analyze a non-profit organization to help them run effectively and efficiently. They will typically work with the non-profit’s staff members and executive board to assess the organization and find areas of vulnerability. Once the organization has been assessed, the consultant works to create a realistic plan for changing the organization.

2. HIV/AIDS Case Manager

Living with HIV or AIDS is a challenge, and a case manager helps to navigate the difficulties that a patient may experience. Applicants will generally need a bachelor’s degree and HIV prevention training to be hired. Once the case manager begins working, they help to assess clients and coordinate care. They may advocate for the client, ensure access to health insurance and work with a team for their medical care. In some cases, the HIV and AIDS Case Manager may use data management systems to help create statistics about the patient population. At times, the case manager may collaborate with medical sites, speak at community meetings and coordinate with diverse populations.

3. Executive Director of an Ecumenical Organization

Many master’s degrees in transformational leadership are offered through religious organizations, which make them perfect for this job option. The executive director of an ecumenical organization works to manage a church or multiple churches. They work to plan, monitor and evaluate the program while leading fellow staff members. Depending on the organization, this leadership role may be responsible for managing resources, marketing the church and monitoring the budget. While salary depends on the church and the applicant’s experience, it is possible to make up to $77,000 a year or more.

4. Entrepreneur

A degree in transformative leadership is a natural fit for jobs in business. As an entrepreneur, individuals may create a company, find employees and work toward their company’s business. Individuals may be hired to run a business, or they may start their own business. According to the Houston Chronicle, small business owners with less than a year of work experience make a salary of $34,392 to $75,076 per year.

5. Fund Development Director

A fund development director typically works for non-profit organizations. They are in charge of running the fundraising events for the organization. The director may reach out to potential donors, network with current donors and create fundraising events. In addition, the fund development director may be in charge of running marketing campaigns to raise additional funds.

There are many job opportunities available for someone with a master’s in transformational leadership. Depending on the student’s other degrees and experience, they may work in fields like technology, health care or ecumenical services. By gaining internship experience and networking with leaders in the field, students can increase their chances of being hired for their dream job.

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