What Value Does an Associate of Science Degree in Human Resource Administration Have in the Job Market?

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Managing the human element at a business is the responsibility of those within human resources, and choosing to obtain an Associate of Science Degree in Human Resource Administration means a person will spend much time handling meetings with new and current employees. The role of anyone in human resources is quite social, and it’s often required that those in HR know how to diffuse tense situations regarding employee satisfaction and behavior.

The Need for Human Resources

The majority of businesses that boast at least 20 employees have a need for an employee within the organization dedicated to human resources. Such widespread incidence of human resources workers means that someone with HR knowledge would have the opportunity to work in just about any industry, and might be able to move anywhere in the country to find work.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggests that growth from mid-level human resources specialists will be faster than average over the next decade, so training in this field offers the potential for a very short job search.

Freedom for HR Administrators

One of the significant benefits of such a degree is the opportunity to work as a contracted member of the company. Many degree holders in various disciplines do not have the luxury of employment freedom and must work within another person’s company, to make the most of their degree. An individual with a degree in Human Resources Administration, however, could start their own business and act as a third party human resources provider.

With costs for human resources and other employee-related benefits skyrocketing, many companies have started to trim budgets in the area of human resources. While such moves have made some permanent jobs scarcer, great opportunity remains for contracted work. In addition, a recently published list suggested that work in HR as a consultant was one of the 100 best jobs in America.

Advancing Within the Field

Although some basic human resources jobs may require nothing beyond than a high school diploma, the addition of a degree does offer potential for much higher income. With enough experience and training, an individual might hope to make almost 100,000 dollars a year as the BLS suggests that human resources managers enjoy a healthy salary.

Such employment, however, does often require a bachelor’s degree, and so an individual with an associate’s degree may need to seek further education to get to the top of the ladder in the human resources department. Alternatively, there are options for certification which may showcase the commitment an individual has to expand his or her knowledge on modern human resources topics.

In consideration of education and employment within human resources, an individual must consider whether his or her own temperament is suited to such work. The whole focus of “human” resources is upon the employees, and those within HR departments must handle employee problems, accomplish important negotiations, and act as a link between the executive departments and staff employees.

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