5 Innovative Human Resources Courses at U.S. Universities

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The five most innovative human resources courses teach you the skills that HR directors and managers have without requiring that you take classes offline. These courses are all available from online schools, and some of those schools let you enroll and take just one class without completing a degree. Other colleges that offer these innovative classes let you earn an undergrad degree, graduate degree or a certificate in human resources management.

Advanced Recruitment Skills

Available through Accord Worldwide, Advanced Recruitment Skills is a course designed for those who currently work in or want to work in an HR department. This class lasts for just four days and is open to any students who wants to take it. It covers topics like how to identify the needs of your company and what to do when you need to recruit new workers. You’ll also get help learning how to minimize the risks associated with some workers, designing job listings to find the perfect recruits and determining your role within the company.

Document Control

The median salary among HR professionals is more than $104,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Taking one or more advanced courses may help you get the salary you deserve from your current employer. One of the more innovative courses available today is one in Document Control from the Learners Point Training Institute. This class looks at all the documents that HR managers handle daily, including job applications, benefits package documents and classified documents. You’ll learn how to effectively organize all those documents in both paper and electronic forms.

24 Minute HR

Potential E-Learning offers an unusual human resources class called 24 Minute HR. Designed as a refresher course, it’s a great option for those who took some time off after finishing school and those who changed career paths but want to go back to work in human resources. This shorter class offers a brief overview of some of the things you’ll do on the job, including meeting with potential employees, listing jobs online and recruiting new workers.

Energizing People for Performance

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University ranks among the top business schools in the country. That school now offers online programs for students living outside the city and state. One of the courses you can take online is Energizing People for Performance. This unique course specifically looks at how you can get new workers and current workers excited about doing their best. You’ll learn how to work with both individuals and smaller teams, new programs that you can implement to encourage workers to perform better and ways in which you can put your thoughts and plans into action.

Countering Bias in the Workplace

Cornell University now offers online classes for graduate business students too through its eCornell system. One course that many HR managers and directors will find helpful is its Countering Bias in the Workplace. The university recommends this course for new HR directors and those who have limited experience in human resources management. This class focuses on how the personal biases that you have can impact the way you act in the office and the way you feel about employees. You’ll learn more about diversity, why companies have diverse hiring policies and how to remove any biases that you or others might have.

Human resources managers and directors handle everything from hiring new workers to investigating complaints from unhappy workers. Whether you have years of experience working in HR, or you are a recent college graduate, you can take some innovative human resources courses to refresh your knowledge and learn new skills.
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