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HR MBA GMATIf you are interested in being accepted into a Master’s in Business Administration degree program with a concentration in Human Resources, you will need to submit the results of your HR MBA GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) with your application materials. The results of this test are used by over 4,800 universities around the world to rank applicants for MBA programs. This number, along with other criteria, such as the HR MBA essay, is used to determine how well an applicant would perform in this type of graduate program.

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What is the HR MBA GMAT?

The HR MBA GMAT is made up of Analytical Writing, Quantitative and Verbal sections. To complete the Writing section of the test, a prospective MBA student must write two essays. The instructions for the first one ask the test taker to analyze an argument. The second essay involves analyzing an issue.

The Quantitative portion of the HR MBA GMAT is made up of multiple choice questions. The person taking the HR MBA GMAT is given 75 minutes to answer the 37 questions in this section. The math section of the test is used to measure reasoning ability; the person writing the test is not expected to take the time to solve each of the problems.

The Verbal section of the HR MBA GMAT has 41 questions and 75 minutes are allotted to answer them. The individual writing the test will answer reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction questions.

Non-standard Accommodations for the HR MBA GMAT

People who need more time to complete their HR MBA GMAT can request non-standard accommodations due to a medical condition. The decision of whether to grant an accommodation is made on a case-by-case basis to applicants who meet the following qualifications:

a disability which limits a major life activity has been diagnosed by a doctor or a psychologist
the disability affects the applicant’s ability to take a computer-based GMAT
the applicant can demonstrate why an accommodation is necessary considering his or her disability

A person who is granted this accommodation will be given up to twice as much time to answer the questions on the HR MBA GMAT.

HR MBA GMAT Test Scores

The maximum score that someone writing the GMAT can achieve is 800. The average score test writers achieve is 540.4.

To be considered for admission to a top business school, you will need to do well on the GMAT. Applicants who score in the mid-600s have a better chance of receiving an acceptance letter than those people with lower scores. The GMAT results are just one aspect of the application, but this number is given a lot of weight by the Admissions Committee of a university. Of the two components of the GMAT (verbal and mathematics), the math portion of the test is probably the more important one.

Preparing for the HR MBA GMAT

To get the best possible mark on the HR MBA GMAT, a prospective MBA in Human Resources student should make a point of investing in a prep course. Practice tests are available online and taking these will help you understand the HR MBA GMAT format and the phrases used in the test language. Please note that standardized testing requirements for a Master’s Degree in Human Resources may differ.

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