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Graduates of an HR MBA program are in high demand. An HR masters salary is potentially above-average. The level of compensation one can expect will depend on many factors. This holds true from entry level to advanced positions. These factors include:

  • location
  • the type of organization
  • the job title
  • years of experience

Your school’s reputation also influences how much you can expect with a masters in human resources salary after graduating.

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HR MBA Salaries: Location

Location matters when considering a human resources major salary. HR professionals wanting to earn a top human resource MBA salary will likely need to take a job in a major metropolitan area. Keep in mind that parts of the country where you can command a higher master in human resources salary will also have a higher cost of living. Top MBA grads who are working in major centers like New York, Boston, Los Angeles, or Chicago can expect to earn more than people who are employed in smaller centers.

HR MBA Salaries: Type of Organization

The MBA in HR degree qualifies an individual to work in a number of different types of organizations. The highest masters in HR salary will be earned by people working in human resources departments of healthcare organizations and financial institutions. A person holding an MBA in HR can work for a state or federal government department or agency. They could also work for a non-profit organization. However, compensation for these types of positions is lower than what a grad can expect to earn in the private sector.

HR MBA Salaries: Job Title

Human resources managers are in charge of the department responsible for hiring, retaining, and terminating workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median MBA in human resources salary for people working in this capacity is approximately $126,000 per year. HR managers who are earning at the top of the pay scale for this position can make over $200,000 per year working for large corporations.

According to the BLS, a person working as a compensation and benefits manager can expect to earn over $200,000 per annum at the high end. The median MBA HR salary for this position is $127,530 per year. The highest HR MBA salaries for this position will be paid by computer and equipment manufacturers, securities brokerage firms and scientific research companies.

Training and development managers are responsible for planning and administering training programs for workers. According to the BLS, the median MBA in HR salary for a person working in this capacity is $120,130 per year. Top earners can expect a business administration human resources salary up to $207,420 per year.

HR MBA Salaries: School Reputation

The university you choose to attend as an HR MBA student matters. A graduate from a top school can command a higher MBA human resources salary than a person who attended a less prestigious educational institution. Keep in mind that the best business schools are also the most expensive to attend. You will need to have a solid plan in place to pay for your education, such as HR MBA Loans, and to replace your income while you are learning.

HR MBA Programs Open Doors to Higher HR MBA Salaries

Completing a HR MBA degree program will qualify you for senior human resource management positions. This concentration can open doors to employment opportunities in a number of industries, since organizations of all sizes must deal with Human Resources issues and concerns. Degree holders can command a very good HR degree salary for their work, which makes investing in this program a savvy career move.


Working in human resource management as an HR manager or an HR related field can be a rewarding and lucrative career. Even the average salary is quite lucrative. Consider taking those 2 years to earn your master’s degree with an MBA in HR to take your career to the next level.

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