What Benefits Does Membership in the Society for Human Resource Management provide?

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shrm-membership-benefitsLearning about the Society for Human Resource Management’s benefits of membership may provide the information you need to make an educated decision on whether or not you wish to become a member. The Society for Human Resource Management is currently the largest association in the world that is dedicated to providing support and resources to human resource professionals and students of human resources.

The organization currently represents in excess of 250,000 members globally, with members in more than 140 countries. According the organization’s official site, they have more than 575 affiliate offices in the U.S. and several subsidiary offices abroad, including China, United Arab Emirates and India. The listed benefits of a membership with the Society for Human Resource Management are multitudinous – too many to mention here – but there are a few worth noting.

Online Access to Hundreds of Resources

The benefits of joining the Society for Human Resource Management begins with complete access to its online resources. The site features an advance search engine that will allow you to customize your searches to ensure more accurate results. You can take online surveys on HR topics for the purpose of improving the current systems that are in place.

The site also houses a complete online library with hundreds of relevant articles, research, white papers, sample forms and more. A great deal of what you need to be successful in HR management is provided on this site. Many of the features are completely customizable, allowing you to personalize your experience on the site.

Access to HR Advisors

The membership also comes with up to 25 contacts with an HR expert advisor per membership year. You have the option of contacting the advisor either by phone or email. You will also have unlimited access to the automated “Email Express” tool.

Comprehensive Database

The site has a completely searchable comprehensive database that allows you to conduct searches using a number of different search criteria, including name, company name, size of company, job title, job function, geographical location. The database also facilitates SHRM’s members-only social network. You can use this network to connect with fellow members to share resources, ideas and advice. The site’s tool to look up SHRM Aligned HR degree programs is a valuable resource for prospective human resource management students; enrolling in a program found in this database ensures a quality education.

Resource: Society for Human Resource Management Aligned Masters in HR Degrees

Templates and Tools

With HR requiring so many different documents and forms, having the ability to use the templates available on the organization’s site is a major benefit of membership. Using the templates will allow you save an incredible amount of time. Using the numerous tools they have available can help you manage your time during a project as well as keep yourself organized.

Compliance Support

One of the primary responsibilities of any HR manager or supervisor is to ensure that the company is in compliance with all federal, state and local labor and human resource requirements. The Society for Human Resource Management benefits include access to all of the most current labor and employment regulations.

Government Affairs

This benefit works in conjunction with compliance support. This program allows members to be made aware of government HR legislation as well as become involved in any pending government legislation. This gives the members a voice and allows them to impact the HR industry.

The Society for Human Resource Management benefits of membership give HR professionals access to valuable tools to enhance their expertise and job performance.

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