5 Capstone Project Ideas for HRMBA Students

Five Ideas For HRMBA Capstone Projects

  • HR Theory Into Practice
  • Effect of Increasing Training Budget
  • Methods of Employee Assessment
  • How HR Department Increases Value of Company
  • Workplace Diversity Concerns

A capstone project is one of the final tasks in business school, and through the process, whether an international business or HRMBA capstone project, students demonstrate that they understand the principles of their field and can practically apply this information. Many business students, especially those in human relations, choose to use their final project as an opportunity to learn more about a particular subcategory as well as boost their resume. Since there are so many different career paths for HRMBA graduates, a targeted capstone experience can help these students jumpstart their career after graduation. Some ideas for human relations capstones include the following.

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1. HR Theory Into Practice

For this project idea, students can examine a few different theories in human resources or just do an in-depth study on one and describe what the selected theories look like in the industry. Many times, capstone projects include an element of experiential learning where the student spends time in a workplace to understand what the job is actually like. During this experience, the student then watches for specific techniques used by the HR department. Then, at the capstone presentation, they can highlight which theories and techniques were used at the work site and the results as well as any recommendations based on HR theory.

2. Effect of Increasing Training Budget

This project focuses on the degree to which employee training can affect profits. For this capstone idea, after choosing a specific workplace, a student can examine the current training methods and determine what changes would be effective. Based on the data collected and predictive modeling techniques, the student can calculate the tipping point, or at what point adding money to training no longer increases profits and how much is added up until that point.

3. Methods of Employee Assessment

Along with training, another aspect of human resources involves rating an employee’s performance in a variety of areas. Sometimes, this is based on definitive data, but other times, this involves quantifying less directly measurable skills. For this HRMBA capstone project idea, a student could explore ways of objectively scoring employees in these positions. Another aspect of this involves methods of removing subjective bias during the interview process.

4. How HR Department Increases Value of Company

This capstone idea focuses on the intrinsic value of a strong HR department and how this affects different aspects of the company. Training methods, employee motivational programs, benefits selection, and recruitment processes all affect how employees view their workplace. Further, the student can describe how these also determine the opinions of other companies, potential applicants, and the general public.

5. Workplace Diversity Concerns

Increasing diversity at all levels of employment is becoming more important. According to Forbes, the field of human resources is changing, and one main aspect of this involves companies being open about the diversity of their staff or lack thereof. For this capstone HRMBA project, students demonstrate all the benefits of diversity in the workplace including the financial and cultural effects.

At the end of most graduate programs, students need to display their mastery of the core competencies in their field. Completing a capstone project during an HRMBA program showcases a student’s knowledge and also allows students to focus on an area of human resources that is of particular interest to them.