5 Top Human Resources Software Platforms

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The five human resources software platforms that are included here help companies manage talent properly. Those who are managing talent every day must ensure they have taken steps to install software that helps them do their jobs, and they will find it quite helpful to install a program that does nearly all the work for them. This article shows five that will be useful, and each may streamline a hiring process that once took far too long.


Fairsail has been packed with features, and it leads the list of human resources software as it helps companies collect information about their employees or potential hires. The platform offers online functionality to the firm, and it helps the firm check over the hiring process in one place. Everyone in the human resources department may check their information in the same place, and they may hire from information collected by the program.

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Deputy is a company that brings more features to the table, and they offer apps that help their customers manage HR from any location. The mobile apps are quite helpful when someone is away on business, or they may work from a location where they are traveling. Sending out alerts, checking applications and managing payroll from a mobile app is much easier for a business owner than making a special trip to the office.

Kronos Workforce Ready

Kronos does everything for a company that needs human resources help. It will manage payroll, take applications and administer benefits. The software will go so far as connecting with the insurance company, and it will track sick days or vacation. The company that installs Kronos is making quite an investment, but they will find the software does everything they could ask for in one place. They may hand over every part of their human resources department to the program, and they will see fantastic results.


Namely stands out by offering a number of options to the customer, and one of the most-interesting is a performance review feature that allows employee records to be held in one place. Someone who managing employees all day may be offered access to the Namely system, and they may enter their performance reviews directly into the system. It is much faster to use the Namely system, and the notes need not be taken by-hand. Managers may report to superiors through the system, and tracking of each employee’s performance takes moments.

APS Online

APS Online has all the features anyone may want from a human resources software program, and it will take the customer from payroll to benefits and everything in between. The unlimited number of users and applicant tracking system allows a massive corporation to hire for all their departments using the same program, and they may share information from one department to another as hires are interviewed. Someone who is perfect for another department may be forwarded through the system, and another manager may speak with the applicant while reading their information in the APS Online system.

Every business that is focused on hiring must take steps to find the finest employees, and they will see incredible results when they are using software programs for human resources. They may continue to offer employee services such as payroll and benefits through the same system, and the company will save money every day as HR is streamlined to their level. There is no need to shuffle papers all day when a software package may do the same work in a matter of seconds.