5 Tips for Using Social Media as an Employee Recruitment Tool

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Since 92 percent of companies use social media for employee recruitment, according to The Muse, it is just as important to know that job seekers rely on social media to find their next professional placement. Career Arc reports that, as of 2016, 79 percent of job seekers rely on social media to find their next job. More importantly, that figure jumps to 86 percent when discussing young job seekers, just out of college and within the first 10 years of professional employment.

Technology–social media platforms, in particular–offers you a broad range of unprecedented recruiting opportunities. Try out a few of the following 5 tips when using social media for staffing recruitment:

1. Choose the Best Platform to Find the Right Candidate

While Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus are among the most widely used, or at least commonly thought of, social media platforms in recruiting, they are not your only choices. Depending on your needs and your prospective candidates, these top platforms may not even be your best choices. Try not to overlook the power of Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Do your best to create a moderate presence on each platform while monitoring the effectiveness of each one.

2. Clarify the Available Position and Employment Requirements

Lay everything out for your potential job candidates when using social media for staff recruitment. Concise and candid language is essential in social media, so get to the point quickly and decidedly. You can also add a link to a more detailed job posting on your organization’s website where they will also find an application form and the resume submission process.

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3. Share Your Company’s Culture on Your Various Social Media Platforms

Each social media account gives you the opportunity to share not only what your organization basically does; social media gives you the chance to let your company shine. On platforms like Pinterest, you can create a bulletin board featuring your company’s charitable efforts while on LinkedIn and Facebook, you can tell your whole story. Let prospective job candidates have a glimpse into the nature of your company culture when it comes to employee awards, company parties, community involvement and team recognition.

4. Pay Attention to Privacy Matters for Your Organization and for Candidates

Remind prospective new hires that your page and communications are open for others to see, so they may want to contact your company through private messaging or via your website’s contact page. Your potential job candidates will appreciate your concern for protecting their confidential information available on resumes, cover letters and applications.

5. Form Partnerships with Social Media Connections

Job seekers may not know your company has their dream job available until they see a post on another organization’s page. While motivated job seekers do their due diligence to find companies that offer positions in their field, sometimes it takes some targeted word-of-mouth for the two of you to connect. Submit posts on professional job seeking forums on LinkedIn, comment on an article from another company’s Facebook post, or ask your own staff to occasional make posts about their experience with your company.

Harness the Power of Social Media in Your Job Recruitment Efforts

Social media is a driving force in today’s job market. Hiring managers rely on it for employee recruitment as much as job seekers do, so it is important to learn and implement the most effective strategies.