Can I Get a Job in Human Resources with Just a Business Administration Degree?

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The Human resources area has a wide variety of opportunities available to those who are interested in an HR career. Though many of these positions will require a college degree and many years of experience to attain, there are entry level positions available that require a college degree only. One of the top degrees that most recruiters look for is the business administration degree. Here’s a list of the most common entry-level HR job titles and a brief description of each.

HR Analyst – Junior Level

While all job titles may not exist in every company, there are many entry levels positions that are common to the industry. This statement is true for the HR Analyst job title because the duties that they perform are usually needed in business settings that maintain automated HR systems. Some of the job duties that they perform include assisting others with the organization’s structure requirements, planning workforce management activities and conducting personnel training. To perform these duties and job functions, each candidate must have also possess excellent oral and written communication skills.

Corporate Recruiter/Talent Scout

Many companies offer the Corporate Recruiter/Talent job as a full-time staff position, especially since they are responsible for a diversity of things. One of their primary job duties, however, is recruiting and hiring candidates from within their local communities and surrounding areas. From attending college job fairs to maintaining online job boards, they are tasked with getting the best talent and placing them in the right jobs.

Recruiting Specialist

Candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in business administration are also a great fit for the position of Recruitment Specialist. Based on their field of study, these candidates are already familiar with HR recruitment best practices and how they apply to real world situations. Therefore, they can provide support and consultation in a recruitment specialist role for companies that need this expertise.

Human Resources Relocation Specialist

The Human Resources division plays a vital role in many areas of the company. As the business world caters to a mobile society, the job of HR Relocation specialist has become an essential position in many large and small companies. As a result, companies need people in these roles to work on international admin projects. The duties that these professionals are normally tasked with involve administering relocation programs and preparing immigration filings.

Human Resources Assistant

The HR Assistant is a staple in many organizations since they are hired to do a variety of diverse functions. People who work in these positions can assist recruitment specialists, employee relations management, human resources information analysts, human resources management and the like. These people should also position themselves to perform different types of admin functions for virtually anyone who works in an upper level professional position. In fact, the skills and experience that they attain are normally used to promote into other HR positions.

People who possess a Business Administration degree have many HR positions available to them. From supporting HR management as an HR assistant to recruiting talent for a large organization, there are many different types of entry-level positions to those who have an interest.


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